Can iMovie Replace Final Cut Pro?

Not only is Apple able to give users really great devices with incredible capabilities and power, but it also equips them with the applications that their device buyers themselves need to get the most out of it. Today we want to talk to you about two of them, the video editors from the Cupertino company, and see if iMovie is really capable of replacing Final Cut Pro.

only in some cases

First of all, what we have to make clear is the difference between these two applications, although later we will talk about it in depth. Final Cut Pro is the video editor that Apple has developed for professionals of this sector, while iMovie can be defined as the initial version of Final Cut, that is, that video editing program that Apple makes available to all those users who want to start editing video or that simply, for their audiovisual works, they do not need more.

Obviously, Final Cut Pro It is not indispensable to carry out a great video edition, and that is why on many occasions iMovie can more than fulfill and replace, in that case, the program for professionals. Although iMovie is focused on a more beginner or basic audience, it has a lots of tools that allows all users to develop all their creativity when it comes to editing video, such as changing the color of videos in iMovie, or simply cropping an image. In fact, there are many video professionals who can perfectly use this application for their work if they do not require very specific effects or other more sophisticated tools that are only available for Final Cut Pro.


Another point where iMovie is not able to, is that it has no choice but to replace Final Cut Pro is in the iPad. Together with LumaFusion, iMovie is the best video editor that you can use on the Apple tablet, since, at the moment, it seems that the Cupertino company has no intention of releasing a version of Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Two apps for different audiences

As we told you at the beginning of this post, the fact that iMovie can replace Final Cut Pro depends a lot on the type of user that you will use one of these two applications. Final Cut Pro has been conceived, designed and developed for a fully professional audience, while iMovie is considered the gateway to Final Cut Pro, since in terms of operation and interface they are very similar.

Therefore, if you are just starting out or your video editing really does not require a lot of resources such as plugins, transitions and the like, obviously in these cases iMovie can perfectly replace what Final Cut Pro does. However, when you need , to carry out your videos, professional resources or even more sophisticated tools, iMovie will not be able to meet your demands.

In addition, another point to be taken into account is the economicand it is that iMovie is completely freewhile in order to use Final Cut Pro beyond the 90-day trial period it offers, you will have to checkout and pay up to €299 that it costs to have the license for this application, which is also, without a doubt, worth it if you are really going to dedicate yourself professionally to this sector.

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