Can you change the battery of your UPS to make it last longer?

When you have made the decision to buy a UPS for your PC and you start looking at its specifications, normally the parameter you should look at is the VA it has, directly related to the maximum power it can support. However, almost no manufacturer specifies its maximum autonomy since this depends on what devices you have plugged into the UPS, and the consumption they have at any given time (since a PC does not consume the same amount of energy at rest as while you play, for example). so you can see yourself in the situation of having bought a UPS and then its autonomy seems insufficient.

Can the battery of a UPS be changed?

The first question you should ask yourself is, precisely, if your UPS supports battery change. Many UPSs are designed to be able to easily change the battery, a matter of opening a compartment, taking out the old battery and inserting the new one, something that can usually be done by any user even without experience. However, there are also many devices that do not offer this possibility, and although you could do it by “gutting” the device to access its battery, it is a complicated process and in some cases even dangerous because it is soldered.

Of course, the first recommendation that we are going to make in this regard is that if you are a “regular” user and if your UPS does not support changing the battery in a normal way, do not risk doing it (unless you have advanced knowledge of electricity and be a “handyman”, of course). All in all, you will be able to discover this information in a simple way since the manufacturer itself will indicate it to you in the instructions for use, and you will also be able to see if the manufacturer itself sells or not loose batteries (if it does not sell them, it obviously does not support battery change ).

Can you put a larger capacity battery in it?

Once the above has been explained, let’s suppose that your UPS does support battery change. Here you can find two situations: the first is that the manufacturer itself sells the original battery, and sometimes you can see that it sells different capacities (normally, if the same UPS model has different variants with different capacities, they will sell you batteries of greater or lesser capacity directly), so in this case you will have it easy and the answer is yes, you can change the battery for a higher capacity one (unless you already have the largest they offer, of course).

How does a UPS work?

However, you can also opt for “generic” batteries, but in that case you will have to be very careful and pay close attention to both the size of the battery and its amperage and voltage, which must be the same as those of the battery you want. replace. In any case, in this regard, our recommendation is that you do not opt ​​for generic batteries, since it is possible that they do not have the same parameters required by the internal circuitry of your UPS and that they do not work as they should, or even that they do not work at all. absolutely and that they give you problems.

Many times we have talked about the issue of batteries and their dangers, so although sometimes you can change the battery of your UPS for a higher capacity one, we do not recommend doing it unless the manufacturer sells you said battery and your UPS admit your change without having to gut the device.

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