Why you should add watermarks to Excel sheets

Keep in mind that here we are talking about one of the most used programs in the world. An application that is used in all kinds of environments to work with numerical data, basically. It is part of the popular office suite of the software giant, Office, and accompanies others of the prestige of Word or Powerpoint, among others. The projects that we carry out in this program can range from simple accounts to huge business accounts.

Although there are many who consider this program to be very complex, everything will depend on how much we want to get into it. Of course, if we want to extract all that it is capable of offering us, it is not easy. However, to do simple invoices or do simple household accounting, we do not need to be experts Excel. But be that as it may, as we mentioned before, using watermarks is the most recommended in this case.

In fact, below we are going to talk about some of the reasons why the use of these elements in certain Excel documents is almost mandatory.

Protect personal invoices and budgets

One of the uses of this program that small businesses prefer the most is for the development of personal invoices and budgets. But of course, these usually offer the receiver or receivers a series of figures that we do not want to be modified. Well, for this, one of the steps we can take is to send the spreadsheet, but in PDF format so that it is not modified.

In the same way, we recommend adding these elements that we are talking about, the watermark in Excel. This is another protection measure to prevent the most expert from digitally falsifying the invoice or budget.

Avoid changes in certain fields of the Excel sheet

Something similar happens both in the large projects that we carry out with this program, as in the most domestic jobs. Whatever the type, on many occasions there are certain information, data or cells that we want protect against changes. These usually correspond to the final results of the numerical document that we have developed. Well, a strategically placed watermark in Excel will surely not be of much help to avoid possible unwanted changes.

excel watermark

Make it clear who owns the project by sharing

Many of the work that is carried out in Excel is done to be shared with other users. Whether on a personal level, professional or for education issues, in the future that spreadsheet will go through countless hands. This happens if we upload it to an online blog, if we send it by mail to other colleagues, etc.

Here the watermarks are almost essential if we want to make it clear who is the owner or creator of the original project. This way we avoid that others attribute the work unfairly. Keep in mind that a watermark in Excel can be both an image and a custom text.

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