Canon introduces Kokomo, a virtual reality platform to revolutionize calls

The Canon firm has presented Kokomo, a virtual reality software platform with which the Japanese company wants to revolutionize the way we communicate today. Thanks to this technology we can make immersive calls that will allow us to see and hear all the participants, and celebrate them in such popular places as New York, Hawaii and others.

Holding calls in a virtual paradise space is a very interesting idea, but Canon has wanted to go further with Kokomo and has avoided resorting to the classic extravagant avatars that we have seen, for example, in the first conceptual stage of the metaverse. On this platform we will have the real appearance of each user, which will translate into greater realism, and in a truly unique experience.

To further enhance the capabilities of this platform, Canon has confirmed that Kokomo will be able to recreate the user’s actions in real life. For example, if we move an object in real life that movement will be reproduced in virtual reality. The facial expressions of the participants will also be reproduced in real time and without problems, which will contribute to improving the interactions between them and generating a much more marked face-to-face effect.

The Japanese company has made this possible thanks to the using compatible Canon camerasas well as imaging technology, to create realistic representations of users take the experience to another level, making avatars “obsolete”. To use Kokomo we will only need a Canon camera, a virtual reality device and a smartphone, as confirmed by the company.

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Juan Felipe Obrero, Country Director of ITCG in Iberia, commented:

«With Kokomo we do nothing more than maintain the innovative spirit that has characterized the company for more than 85 years, always at the forefront of the image. The world changes and we with it, offering the latest technology and solutions to create memorable and meaningful experiences.

In the attached video we can see Kokomo’s presentation. It will be available in the coming months.

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