CarPlay: The best applications you can use

Apple CarPlay improves our driving

Apple CarPlay improve your driving experience by giving you simple and functional access to all your essential applications. It helps you navigate, respond to messages, and listen to music or podcasts while driving, through default iOS apps or third-party options.

I have put together a complete list of Apple CarPlay apps for iPhone. They sure help you organize your iPhone and CarPlay according to your tastes and driving hours.

Things you should know before downloading apps for Apple CarPlay

  • You can’t play games or stream Netflix or YouTube videos on CarPlay.
  • You don’t need to install anything additional to use CarPlay apps. If an app supports CarPlay, it will appear in the app list on your car system screen after you connect your iPhone.
  • You can use Siri to access built-in features, read notifications aloud, and respond to incoming alerts.
  • CarPlay is compatible with refueling applications, something that you should take into account, as you can save money and time. If you want, take a look at this article about the best refueling applications.

The best navigation apps for CarPlay

Navigation apps in CarPlay help you reach your destination in the shortest time. Therefore, you don’t have to check your iPhone on your iPhone repeatedly. Explore!

Apple Maps – Default iOS app

Apple Maps CarPlay: The best applications you can use

Over time, Apple Maps has changed and added additional features to improve the driving experience. Therefore, it is the ideal GPS navigation app for getting directions if you reside in an area where Apple gives you access to the full capabilities of Maps. When you click the Destinations link, Maps will recommend locations based on your current location or from your previous messages and emails.

Additionally, you can easily find gas stations and restaurants using the search function. Additionally, to use Siri for navigation, press the microphone button on the steering wheel or tap the microphone symbol on the system screen. You can add many stops to your travel itinerary.

Maps (AppStore Link)

Google Maps – The best third-party map app

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch

With this app, you get real-time traffic information on your daily trips and trips. Plus, Google Maps helps you explore local neighborhoods and discover interesting places. No matter where you are in the world, this is the best offline map app with hundreds of millions of businesses and places, including grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants…

In addition, you can avoid traffic jams with real-time traffic data and the alternative routes it offers. Also, thanks to the Live View function, you can see the route you need to take with arrows and instructions on your car system. Besides, the automatic route change function shows routes based on current traffic conditions, accidents and route closures.

Google Maps (AppStore Link)

Waze Navigation and Live Traffic – Find Parking Easily

CarPlay: The best applications you can use

Waze is one of the best navigation apps for Apple CarPlay that keeps you informed about everything on the road. Alerts you about traffic, accidents, construction, police, speed cameras and more. Therefore, you can avoid speeding fines.

In addition, it will give you alternative routes to avoid traffic and tell you the estimated time of arrival in multiple voices. Plus, you can find the cheapest gas station and parking area on your way. You can even listen to music and podcasts right from the app.

Waze Navigation and Traffic (AppStore Link)

Apple Music – Default

Apple Music is one of the best Apple CarPlay apps for music streaming if you have a subscription. Besides, you can tune in to your favorite radio stations. I liked the quick access tabs at the top of the CarPlay user interface that allow you to navigate the app easily. Plus, Siri can play music for you if you request it.

If you’re a subscriber, you can access the entire Apple Music library and play anything you’ve purchased on iTunes. To navigate your library and playlists, open the app and search for music using your car controls. Plus, you can now experience 3D music and lossless audio with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos.

Music (AppStore Link)

Spotify – The best alternative music player

Solving Spotify problems is simple

If you like music, you have to have Spotify to keep you entertained while you’re on the go. This music streaming app curates custom playlists based on your preferences to make sure you always have something to tune into. You can also create your playlist and share it with others.

Besides, there are custom playlists for all kinds of moods and thousands of podcasts to keep up with your interests. Many are originals that are not available on any other platform. I love live talk shows between creators, artists, and athletes.

Spotify: Music and podcasts (AppStore Link)

Pandora – Get a personalized listening experience

Pandora asserts itself as the world’s most effective music discovery platform. You can enjoy a free in-car stream of tailored music or podcasts while you’re on the go and get access to exclusive SiriusXM talk shows. Additionally, the new voice mode allows easy voice commands to search, play, pause, skip, adjust volume and like songs.

With six different Pandora modes, you can get a new way to personalize your radio experience. Additionally, you can create stations using your favorite music, artists or genres. Search or browse suggested stations based on your activities and download them.

Amazon Music – Highest quality streaming

Amazon Music

Amazon Music app is one of the best Apple CarPlay apps for high-quality offline music streaming. It offers to play 100 million songs and gives access to 10 million podcast episodes. Plus, you can listen to unlimited artists and music albums.

You can play music on CarPlay if offline songs are stored on your iPhones. The user interface of the app is simple and offers basic and sophisticated playback settings. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can enjoy all music ad-free and browse the largest catalog of the best podcasts ad-free.

Amazon Music: Listen to podcasts (AppStore Link)

The best news and entertainment apps for CarPlay

Your favorite live show, podcast or sport is on, and you’re on the road. Sad truth? These CarPlay news and entertainment apps let you stay up to date while you drive.

Apple Podcasts – Default

new podcast

Do you want to listen to podcasts while driving? If you have an Apple Podcast subscription, save your favorite episodes to your library and access them in CarPlay. Additionally, Siri can play podcasts with voice commands like «Play the podcast of…»

It has a simple user interface and basic controls. Plus, you can discover new shows quickly and easily with expert curation and personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

Apple Podcasts (AppStore Link)

NPR One – The best news app

CarPlay: The best applications you can use

If you like getting regular news while you’re on the road, NPR One is ideal in the list of Apple CarPlay applications. Offers access to hundreds of local public radio stations in the United States. These radio stations offer a good variety of podcasts and the latest news on sports, weather, politics, science, business, culture, etc., both locally and globally.

Additionally, you can enjoy your favorite daily talk show and browse and read stories by topic. The user interface of the app is easy to use so you can easily navigate it on your car dashboard.

NPR One (AppStore Link)

The best radio apps to use with CarPlay

Who doesn’t remember the old days with the radio? You can still tune into radio stations through the apps. Choose the one you prefer.

TuneIn Radio – The best radio app

CarPlay: The best applications you can use

Check out this radio app for the world’s most extensive library of live, original and on-demand audio. Enjoy everything from breaking news and live sports to exclusive music and podcasts around the world.

There’s no need to worry about choosing what to listen to next as it features a range of stations curated by renowned influencers, DJs and iconic personalities. A premium subscription will give you even more exclusive content, such as the English Premier League, NHL, and ad-free entertainment.

TuneIn Radio: AM FM News (AppStore Link)

iHeart Radio – Radio, music and podcasts all in one
CarPlay: The best applications you can use

iHeart Radio is a one-stop solution for all your in-car audio entertainment needs. Offers thousands of live radio stations, podcasts and unlimited music playlists to match your moods and activities. Additionally, you can tune the sports radio stations and catch up with the best sports personalities.

It’s packed with useful features like Favorites and Your Weekly Mixtape, making it easy to discover new sounds you’ll love. You can even create custom stations based on your favorite artists using the library of millions of songs from various genres.

The app is no longer available in the App Store

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