SD card reader problems on newer MacBook Pros

It seems that some users are reporting problems with reading their SD cards on Apple’s new MacBook Pros. This year the Cupertino company once again had in its Pro computers the memory card slot both in the 14-inch and 16-inch models. Some users are experiencing different problems with different SD cards at the time of being used in the computers.

One good thing about this reader is that it supports UHS-II transfers They achieve high data transfer speeds of up to 312MB / s. The bad news is that there are already SD UHS-III cards on the market, which double the transfer speed of the previous ones, reaching 624 MB / s. There are also the super fast SD Express cards (HC, XC and UC) that reach speeds of 985 MB / s, 1970 MB / s and 3940 MB / s respectively and these are not an option for Apple users since they are not compatible .

It takes time to recognize the cards and the speed is not as expected

It seems that some Apple users who have these new computers suffer different problems in each case. Some of them indicate that at the time of reading the SD card the computer crashes, others that the computer takes more than a minute to recognize the SD cards, the transfer speed seems to be that it also appears as a problem or even some suffer from problems in the preview of the content once loaded especially in images.

In any case, it is normal that these small problems arise among users who have new Macs and the operating system is also new and logically they are not exempt from possible problems in terms of compatibility. On the other hand, it is also true that not all users suffer from problems. The only thing that is clear is that if a card works, it always works, and if a card doesn’t work properly from the beginning He will never do it again.

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