Carrefour offers leasing of digital devices, together with Rentall

The Carrefour Group has launched a pioneering leasing service, together with Rentall, based on the “pay per use” and the “all inclusive” concept. The company’s objective is to promote sustainability, the circular economy and offer an innovative solution adapted to the needs of today’s consumer that facilitates access to technological products for its customers. Thus, Carrefour allows its customers to purchase more than 330 electronic products, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or high-end smartwatches, with an affordable fee.

The process is completely digital and without formalities: After choosing the product on the landing page that Carrefour has created, the customer only has to register with the renting, select the payment terms and include the information for the signing of the contract and for the delivery of the product. After the established period, “Rentall with Carrefour” ensures a second life for the product, promoting responsible consumption and the circular economy in line with the environmental commitment of the distribution company.

under the motto “Premiere, enjoy, renew”Carrefour reinforces its customer service strategy by offering an exclusive service with which it guarantees the best shopping experience, also integrating premium insurance with coverage for theft, damage, technical assistance and warranty extension, among others.

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