We already know where we can see the last movie of ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ and no, it is neither on Netflix nor on Disney +

We can already confirm where we can see the latest film of ‘Spiderman: No Way Home‘ streaming and no, it won’t be on Netflix, or Disney+, or HBO Max. The great adventure of the multiverse will not initially be on any of these well-known platforms. As it has been revealed, this adventure of ‘Spiderman‘ which broke box office records, It’s coming to Starz in six months., that is, it will not be immediately. Nor do we know if the film will reach every corner, but in Spain we assume that it will reach Starzplay, which is available as a separate subscription service.

But, why has Starz been chosen instead of one of the most visited platforms, such as Disney +, where many expected to find it? According to the director of Starz, Jeffrey Hirsch, “ours is a game of retention, not acquisition, we seek to align content week by week, 52 weeks a year. Looking to move our core audience from show to show.”

Hirsch went on to say that Starz viewers used to visit the platform for original series, but that the service has a very large catalog of movies and that this made it easier for the movie to get a larger audience. “The appropriate series and content are placed around it so that customers who watch spider-man can pass to one of their originals,” Hirsch said.

And what will happen after ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ premieres on Starz?

Many expected thatSpiderman: No Way Home‘ hit the big platforms, especially after the Sony deal, but of course, this deal covers Sony movies that are released from 2022 to 2026, which means that the latest Spider-Man doesn’t fall into this time frame, so They are under no obligation to offer it.

so we know that Future ‘Spider-Man’ Movies Coming to Netflix First, Then Disney+, although we do not know if this will be the case for ‘No Way Home’, but for now it will be Starz who will keep this feature film for a long period of time.

As far as the agreement is concerned, ‘Morbius‘ would be the first film to benefit from this novelty, although its release date has been pushed back to April 1. The film was scheduled to be released on January 28, but Sony Pictures has decided to delay it.

What will we see after this latest Spider-Man movie?

Spiderman has been part of the Marvel Universe since his introduction in the film ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ in the year 2016, but this was possible thanks to the partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony, since the latter agreed to share the character in Marvel productions and in solo films that have been entirely produced by Sony. Therefore, once the trilogy has come to an end, it has left all fans wondering what will become of this association and what the future holds for our favorite Spider-Man.

Tom Rothman, from Sony Pictures, has explained that, according to the current contract they have, there will still be the crossover that we have talked about: “We were loaned one character, then another, and that’s why Benedict is in this movie, so we still have one more loan left, which is already committed and agreed upon”Rothman explains. What does this mean? Well, in the agreement between Marvel Studios and Sony, it was agreed that great characters from the MCU would appear in the solo Spiderman films, giving it more importance, as well as generating a sense of continuity between all of them.

The studios are assessing the current situation and assessing what is best for both parties, although there will always be the possibility of re-negotiating an agreement of this type to maintain the presence of Tom Holland in the movies of Marvel while solo films continue to be produced by Sony.

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