Cheaper Xbox could get more power to fight PS5

New Xbox? As soon?

Microsoft’s move has always been to offer a next-generation experience with two price bands: high, for those looking for maximum resolution, and economic, for those looking for something more functional. For the latter, the Xbox Series S was destined, a very compact model that with a maximum resolution of 1,440 pixels would allow us to play next-generation games for less than 300 euros.

In this way, Xbox was placed 100 euros below Sony’s cheapest proposal (PS5 Digital), something that has allowed it to boost sales, however, it may not enough to damage the dominance of PlayStation. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S marked the company’s most successful launch in terms of console sales, but PlayStation continues to lead sales, and that’s where Microsoft wants to keep tweaking. How? With a supposed hardware renovation.

A more powerful Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series X review

According to rumors published on the channel Moore’s Law is Dead, Microsoft would be considering an update to its Xbox Series S to increase the technical specifications and prepare for the possible launch of a PS5 Slim. The price they would like to offer would be under $ 350, and the current model would drop to at least $ 249, being able to reach $ 190 at best.

This new model would not arrive until the end of 2022, and it seems that the great Xbox Series X would also receive the same treatment, although its improvements would not arrive until 2023.

But how powerful?

Xbox Series X review

The suspicions of Moore’s Law is Dead point to the use of a new APU with 6 nanometer technology, something that would allow Microsoft to release more cores (a large number of them are bypassed in Xbox Series S) and thus achieve greater graphics and computing power.

With that move, Microsoft would establish a new scale in terms of power level in its consoles, so now the only problem we find is figuring out how Microsoft will name all the consoles that it puts on sale.

A lightning-fast update

Xbox Series X review

It is quite strange that Microsoft launches a new version of its console only 2 years after its launch, but seen what has been seen, it seems to be a strategy with which to anticipate the movements of the rival. It is also interesting to see how in the midst of a component stock crisis, the idea of ​​launching a new model comes out, although perhaps it will also serve to discard some components that are causing delays and bet on others with greater availability.

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