Check your internet; if you have less than this speed you will have problems

Have a good internet speed it is important to surf the net, avoid cuts when watching streaming videos or uploading files to the cloud. Although in recent years rates have been appearing much higher than those we had before, the truth is that we do not always receive what we have contracted. We are not only referring to problems with the operator, but to our own installation. In this article we are going to explain why you will have problems if you have less speed and how to check it.

Checking Internet speed is key

As we can check internet speed and know if it is correct? You will have several options for it. One of them is simply to do a speed test. But before doing so, we recommend that you be clear about the Internet speed you have contracted. You must know both the rise and fall, although today most rates are symmetrical and you probably have the same.

Once you know that, you can now perform an Internet speed test. That will tell you what speed you actually get to that device you are testing from. It does not mean that it is the speed that you have in your home, in the router, since there will be big differences if you connect by cable to the router or if you use a mobile connected to 20 meters by Wi-Fi.

But it is that test, the one you do on a specific device, that will tell you if you can have or not problems navigating by Internet. If that speed is too low, you may not be able to carry out common actions, such as playing games online, watching streaming movies or using the cloud to share files.

Price increase in Internet services

Minimum Internet speed to avoid problems

So what is the minimum speed to avoid problems? If we only talk about browsing, using mail and little else, really having 2 Mbps is more than enough. Your connection must be very bad or the wireless network would be very weak if at least you cannot obtain that speed when doing a test.

But something that can happen is that you do not reach at least 25Mbps. That is the minimum speed to not have problems if you want to watch series or movies in 4K through platforms like Netflix. It is the recommended minimum so that the videos are not cut and you can play them normally. If you have less than that speed, you will have problems in those cases.

Therefore, if for example you are going to use a computer to watch series online or even a television and you see that when doing a speed test you get less than 25 Mbps, then you would have to take action. Surely you have a contracted fiber optic rate much higher than those 25 Mbps, so the problem is not solved by changing to a higher rate or to another company.

What you should do in that case is improve wireless connection. You can use PLC devices, Wi-Fi repeaters or Mesh systems. This way you will get the coverage to arrive better, with more strength. An alternative is that you connect via network cable. You can always perform an installation to improve the connection and be able to connect a TV via Ethernet cable, for example. You can always keep in mind tricks to improve Wi-Fi.

In short, as you can see, it is important that you have a good Internet connection. We believe that nowadays it is necessary to have at least 25 Mbps in the devices to avoid problems. If we take into account that we see more and more content in Streaming and the quality is higher, having less of that could translate into annoying cuts and problems.

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