China challenges the US: TOP gaming graphics cards in 2022

No doubt this year is going to be strong in terms of releases. In GPU we will have the Intel ARC debuting on the market, on the other hand NVIDIA will arrive with the RTX 40 and possibly by the end we will see the AMD RX 7000. But no one counted on China, and moreover in a multiple way, since advances in computing and assembly allow them to obtain high-industrial-grade PCBs, and therefore they would launch into the world of high-performance GPUs with chips at 5nm and 7nm. Can China compete in graphics cards?

That right now the business is in cryptocurrencies is something that we all know, a speculative value that together with the NTFs are causing a wave of investments where the technology sector is taking advantage of it as much as possible.

China is aware and it is also aware of the energy cost involved in the use of ASICs and GPUs to mine. Therefore, the next step after banning mining is to become a hardware producer for it, achieving more stable profits and optimizing the country’s energy resources in a better way to control part of the world market.

Innosilicon for NVIDIA, Intel and AMD?


Currently it seems impossible to compete with NVIDIA, AMD and now Intel, so four companies are going to join forces to simply be competitive in a sector such as gaming or AI.

Once again, Innosilicon will be in charge of balancing all the pieces for the production of what has already been called Fantasy One 2022, a graphics card that we will get to know throughout this year as information is revealed and that promises more than fighting with AMD and NVIDIA, doing it with Intel.

These are equally big words, where it has also been leaked that they are already working on Ray Tracing for said model with something also interesting: it would reach 5 nm, how is it possible?

Fantasy One 2022 at 5nm or 7nm, fact or fiction?

Innosilicon-Fantasy-1-Type-AImagination Technologies IP, Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics and Biren Technology They are in charge of bringing to fruition the parts of this graphics card that they have to do for Innosilicon. The subject has a lot of crumb, so we will try to compact it, since as we well know there is no available production of 7nm and less than 5nm, so… How do you plan to make chips on wafers engraved with said nodes?

Well, it is said that Innosilicon will be able to produce wafers in said lithographic processes, so we assume that it already has signed contracts with ASML, or, the other possible option is that nobody knew that it had a minimum volume agreement with TSMC, as Biren Technology achieved in secret to launch the BR100, a GPU that did not end up revealing its performance despite being at 7nm with TSMC wafers.

The strategic move is clear: don’t rely on NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel to work on AI, DL or gaming, three sectors that are spearheading the industry along with cryptocurrency mining and that is the future of the world along with quantum computers. Will China be able to compete in graphics cards soon with the three giants?

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