Cobra Kai: won’t the finale be in the fifth season? In the meantime, spin-offs are also being thought of

A few weeks after the announcement of the fifth season of Cobra Kai, the co-creator of the series Netflix, Jon Hurwitz, revealed that new episodes may not necessarily contain the the final of the show, and that he may also see the arrival of some new spin-offs.

New spin-offs and an ending after Cobra Kai’s fifth season?

While there are a couple of months left until Cobra Kai 4 debuts on Netflix, in a recent series of tweets, Horwitz explained: “We are very busy planning for the fifth season. Several scripts and schematics have been written. And we are definitely writing in the direction leading to a finale, which will hopefully be beyond the fifth season. “

It therefore seems that, if the series continues to have its current success, the intention is to continue at least for another season beyond the fifth.

But that is not all.

Horwitz then added:

“We have a lot of plans, both inside and outside the Miyagiverse.”

The production is not only looking towards a longer story arc, but also at one or more spin-offs that go to form an extended universe of Cobra Kai (well, in fact it already exists with Karate Kid).

Cobra Kai co-creator Josh Heald also previously told TVLine that many more seasons are planned, stating:

“(The finale) is way beyond (the fourth season). In our minds, we have seasons of stories that need to be told before we get to that ending. This will be an ongoing discussion with our new Netflix partners. Can we write in the hope of reaching that ending? “

Waiting for an answer, which in all probability will not arrive before the fifth season of Cobra Kai, we look forward to the new episodes of the fourth season of the series, arriving on December 4th on Netflix.

What do you think? Would you like to see the arrival of some new Karate Kid spin-off? Let us know via a comment below!

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