Coliving Compostela will open its doors on July 1 in the Galician capital

The first private initiative focused on generating community and attracting talent and research and development to the Galician capital, Coliving Compostela, will open its doors on July 1. Located in what used to be the historic restaurant “Casa Vilas”, the project is an idea from three directors of mestrelab and a fourth person, partner of dinahostingin an effort to create community.

With almost 1,000 square meters, Coliving Compostela will provide direct and indirect employment to 12 people, turning the Galician capital into the epicenter of entrepreneurs and researchers specialized in technology and life sciences. The center has, among other areas, work areas for researchers and professionals, private spaces for rest and other common areas such as kitchens, reading rooms, gym, dining room, etc.

For Santiago DominguezCEO of Mestrelab, “Coliving Compostela was born with the aim of turning the Galician capital into the epicenter of talent for entrepreneurs and businessmen who are looking for a long-stay housing solution and -in addition- can be intellectually nurtured by their neighbors/colleagues”.

Coliving Compostela account with a capacity for 35 people, so that they can reside and work collaboratively. It is not a standard housing solution for students, nor a university residence, but “a high-performance center for entrepreneurs and businessmen, above all, in the field of information technology and biotechnology.”

Coliving Compostela also offers 30 additional places of strict coworking, where it is not necessary to hire coliving. According to the organization, “coworking places can be reserved from single days to long stays of months”. In fact, they add, “We already have a client within the coworking, being your company the one that pays for the space to work”. Just days before its official inauguration, on July 1, Coliving Compostela already has five confirmed and paid rooms and another five pre-reservations to enter over the next two months. Users have more information for reservations on their website.

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Coliving Compostela is committed to open spaces and has two wooded areas for the use and enjoyment of users. “At the back, in the garden, a barbecue will be installed where -in addition to barbecues- interesting initiatives and business ideas will surely arise from the professionals who share this space”. Dominguez has assured.

From MESTRELAB they point out that Coliving Compostela will be something completely different from other initiatives, since it is considered a center of research and excellence that will attract reputable professionals from Europe and the rest of the world due to the consolidation of Galicia as an important hub within the biotechnology sector.

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