Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, October 27? Saint Bartholomew of Braganza

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Wednesday, October 27, Saint Bartholomew of Braganza, founder of the “Militia of Jesus Christ” to defend the Catholic faith and freedom of religion. church.

Bartolomé Braganza He was born in Vicenza, and it was at the beginning of the 13th century that Bartolomé received the habit of Santo Domingo from the founder of the order himself, in his hometown. I study in the Padua University and served as prior in several convents.

In 1233 he founded the military order de los Fratres Gaudentes, for peace and public order, which spread to several cities on the Italian peninsula and functioned until the 18th century. Later Bartholomew was named bishop of Cyprus; went to visit in Palestine to Saint Louis of France, who invited him to visit France.

The work of Bartolomé Braganza in the Church

Bartholomew he accepted the invitation of Saint Louis of France some years later, when he was sent as a papal legate to England. Henry III accompanied Bartholomew to Paris, where King Luis gave him in memory, a thorn from the crown of Christ. Later, in Vicenza, he built the Church of the Holy Crown, where this woman was venerated. sacred thorn.

In 1256, the dad Alexander IV sent Bartholomew to the headquarters of Vicenza, however, he found himself involved in difficulties with the violent chief of the Ghibellines, Ezzelino da Romano, who forced him to temporarily leave his diocese. Time after Bartholomew He came back and gave himself up with more energy.

He set about rebuilding the churches that Ezzelino had destroyed and tried to restore peace between the Veneto cities. Bartholomew He died on July 1, 1271, and was beatified in 1793.

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