Creating your own games in Fortnite will be a reality: goodbye Roblox

Roblox has been for more than a decade the best application to create, with hardly any programming knowledge, any type of game and share it with the community, either for free or through a paywall. In fact, the Roblox video game creation, has become a proper job for thousands of people around the world. But everything seems to indicate that Roblox’s days as king in this segment are numbered.

In the last year, there have been many rumors that Epic Games intended to go further with the creative mode, a creative mode where users can create their own maps / games to share with the community or just to play. with your friends. Finally, it seems that the owner of Fortnite already has the platform ready for players to design and publish their own games, a platform that will be officially announced on March 22.

So that users can design and publish their own games, Epic Games makes the Unreal Editor application for Fortnite available to all users, an application that considerably expands the number of options available in creative mode, allowing you to use all the tools available in Unreal Engine 5, including the possibility of importing all kinds of resources, includes modeling tools, animations, audio to create and develop any game environment and, as we can see in the application description, Unreal Editor for Fortnite works through the new Verse programming language.

Thanks to this new platform, Fortnite users, especially those who enjoy creative mode more than battle royale, will find a greater variety of content and games that until now it was not feasible to carry out due to the limitations of this mode.

The Unreal Editor application for Fortnite, now available in the Epic Games Store, although it will not be downloadable until March 22. SIt will initially be launched on a beta basis and will continue to evolve and add improvements in the future. If we take into account that all the games that are created through this platform will be available directly in the game, it will be possible to access it from any device, be it mobile, console or PC, so Roblox can have a serious and very complicated problem.

With the release of the new season of Fortnite, this stopped supporting teams managed by Windows 7 and Windows 8. To these is added that with chapter 4, the entire game happened to be designed with Unreal Engine 5, considerably improving the graphic quality. All these movements had a purpose, a purpose that we have finally known and of which we will have all the details on March 22, when Epic officially announces everything that it is capable of offering us.

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