Cuidkers receives 180,000 euros of financing for being a female entrepreneurship

Cuidkers, the digital platform for shared solutions aimed at family managers, has obtained 180,000 euros of financing through ENISA and its Digital Entrepreneurs line. The project founded by Paloma Monereo, Ana Monereo and Regina González Dopico meets the objectives of this entity dependent on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, in charge of financing viable and profitable business projects that promote female digital entrepreneurship and reduce the existing gender gap in this area, according to the official communication.

The three founding members of Cuidkers point out that «The funding received by ENISA represents a double recognition for us: on the one hand, to internal management, focused on promoting the business model and, on the other hand, to the visibility of those who are behind the platform itself, three women over 50 at the helm of a project like this».

East recognition It comes just a few days after the Spanish startup registered two important milestones. The first of them attributed to the closing of its second round of financing, where it has raised 470,000 euros, reaching a post-money valuation of 2.55 million euros, and the second with the launch of its application, a platform called to become a benchmark space for solutions shared among its users, the so-called caretakers, those people responsible for managing their families.

Jorge Segado, CEO of Cuidkers, has been satisfied with the results obtained in these first steps of the launch. «The platform has already generated its first thousands of followers and interactions on a large number of topics aligned with the Cuidkers philosophy, a fact that reaffirms our plans to gradually incorporate new features that respond to user needs.”

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