Did you know why PC boxes have the “window” on the left?

Today we are going to see why, it is very logical and makes a lot of sense, but not everyone had realized it until now. Although there are exceptions that we are also going to mention.

The motherboard is to blame.

And yes, everything is summed up in a simple component, the motherboard and its manufacture. And it is that, this must be designed in some way, and depending on its shape it will go on one side or the other of the tower in order to connect the components properly.

motherboard mounting

Think that a power supply should go below, in order to have ventilation at the top (since at the bottom, where we support the tower, it would be absurd to have grids), that conditions its manufacture.

Once we have a motherboard created, we must place it in the way in which the components, as we mentioned now, are placed in their proper and most efficient place. This means that the plate must be placed on the right of the tower, thus leaving the left part available for ventilation, opening, etc.

Do they all do the same?

Ok, doesn’t it make sense, but do all manufacturers do it the same? No inverted motherboards?

And it is that, for convenience, all motherboard brands have agreed to create a standard that facilitates the creation of these. Since it is easier for everyone. He thinks that this way a company that manufactures computer towers will always know which side to put the lid on, as well as the connections of the rest of the components.


That does not mean that it is mandatory, if you have money and want to build a PC from scratch, you can get or order the components in the way you prefer. But as a general rule, if you are looking for a pre-made one, you already know how it will come. There are some brands such as the Corsair Carbide Clear 600C case that have their location reversed, so if for some reason you need to mount your computer upside down there are options (although few) for it.

The same happens with refrigerators or microwaves, have you never noticed that 90% open to the same side? It is not a fixed norm, but a standard that brands use to save manufacturing costs, replacements, etc. I’m still looking for a microwave that has its opening on the left side, if you have one, tell me in the comments.

In summary, everything is due to comfort and standardization, it does not have a clearer cause than that and it could have been the other way around, only that some first base plates had to be made and a side was chosen by sheer chance. The left one could have been the place where they were and today we would be reading this article exactly the same, but with the sides changed, it has no more mystery than that.

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