Discover 5 epic video games that will keep you glued to the screen for more than 50 hours

There are many games, but finding an epic story that doesn’t leave us wanting more is sometimes complicated. Variety is in taste, and for this reason today we can find games of all kinds, from simple and quick stories that can make us laugh or cry, to great productions, even better than a movie or a novel, to which we can dedicate more than 50 hours so that, when completing it, we can say with certainty that we have been satisfied. If this last situation is your case, this article interests you.

The video game market is sometimes strange. Lately the industry is betting a lot on games with short stories (about 10 hours) and then a game as a service model to play online against other people without any kind of story or lore. Luckily, there are still great titles that do bet on single player mode, and that can bring us such surprising and long stories, like the ones we are going to see below.

Elden Ring: 55 hours. The golden order has been broken, and you must rise up, take up your sword, and become the Elden Lord in the Middle Lands. It is a “souls” type game (created by the same studio, FromSoftware) but somewhat more accessible than the original games. It is not a title for everyone, so we only recommend it if we like challenges and are looking for a dark and complicated story. We can finish the story in about 55 hours, or extend it with secondary and collectibles up to about 100. We can buy Elden Ring from 40 euros in Eneba, or for 52 euros in Fanatical.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: 51 hours. Surely, if we are up to date with the world of video games, series, or literature, we know the saga of the wizard. In it we embody Geralt de Rivia himself with whom we must face an ancient evil that stirs and awakens in the world: the Wild Hunt. A fairly accessible RPG action game, to which we can dedicate more than 50 hours, and even exceed 100 if we complete the secondary ones. We can even add another 50 hours if we play the DLC. We can buy The Witcher 3 in its official store, GOG, for 49.99 euros, or in Eneba, where we can buy it from 12 euros for GOG, Steam, and even PlayStation and XBOX.

Red Dead Redemption 2: 50 hours. We changed the action for a western shooter. This game tells us one of the most epic stories that have seen the light of day in recent years, putting us in the shoes of an outlaw, and his gang, in the very west. A story that we can complete in 50 hours, or extend it to more than 150 hours if we complete everything that the game’s atmosphere offers us. We can buy a RDR2 key for PC for less than 15 euros in Eneba, or buy it in Fanatical for the Social Club (its official store).

Persona 5 Royal: 101 hours. Japanese RPG with a fairly fast pace and a large number of mechanics, considered by many to be one of the best JPRG games ever, both in terms of mechanics, gameplay and story. Managing the phantom thieves, we must fight demons and awaken the hearts of bad people to make them declare their crimes while going to class and passing exams. A long game, with more than 100 hours, that will not leave you indifferent. We have the entire Persona saga at Fanatical with discounts of up to 21%, making it an ideal place to buy it. Or, if we prefer, we can also buy it digitally, or physically, at Eneba for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 50 hours. Nintendo’s masterpiece, and with a sequel just around the corner. This is an action game with RPG touches in which we must travel through the fields, forests and mountain peaks of Hyrule while discovering what has become of the kingdom and why it is in ruins. A game that, although we can only play it on Nintendo Switch (and Wii-U), will give us more than 50 hours of entertainment. At Eneba we can buy the game (physically or digitally) or the DLC for the Nintendo Switch.

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