Discover these 5 deductible expenses in the 2022 Income Statement that you do not know

On April 11, the term to present the 2022 Income Statement begins, a term that will last until June 30. But, first of all, we should always check what changes have been implemented from one year to the next, especially those that allow us to take advantage of circumstances in our lives or work to pay less, deducting expenses that we probably don’t know about.

Regardless of the reductions in the IPRG that some autonomous communities have announced, if we meet some of the following requirements, we can also obtain an interesting deduction that can mean the difference between paying and having the rent returned to us.

family deductions

Within the income deductions that affect families, we have two interesting options to pay a little less. On the one hand, there are the deductions for being large family. If the family nucleus is made up of 5 or more members, including those under 25 years of age, we can obtain a deduction of up to 1,200 euros.

Also, if it’s children under 3 years, we can also obtain a deduction of up to 1,200 euros per year for each one, regardless of whether they are adopted or biological children. Raising a child can cost a lot of money and, without a doubt, this personal income tax deduction is a great help.

Another of the deductions that we can also use to pay less in the next income statement is if we have people in our care, both ascending and descending degrees including the spouse. The people in our charge over 65 years of age suppose a minimum deduction of 1,150 euros. People with a disability of 33% or more are also included in this deduction.

living place

If we have chosen to rent a home instead of buying it and we have been doing this since before 2015, we can take advantage of the deduction that was eliminated a few years ago and that allows us to deduct up to 10% of what we pay on the tax base.

housing deductions

If we buy a home or have expanded or rehabilitated our usual home, we can also deduct a large part of these expenses, especially those that we have had to pay based on taxes, including real estate and notary services.


One of the most common methods used by many companies and that can also be used by individuals to pay less personal income tax are donations to non-governmental organizations (NGO) regardless of whether the NGO works in Spain or abroad, so we can collaborate with the Red Cross, Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Unicef, Open Arms, WWF, International Human Rights Foundation among many others.

The donations that also allow us to deduct personal income tax to collaborate are foundations, associations, public educational centers (not private), non-profit organizations in general. Of course, in order to take advantage of the deduction, we need a certificate from the entity indicating the amount we have donatedthe bank transfer receipt will not serve us.

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