Discover these Naruto sneakers, with the effigy of key characters

Have you always dreamed of having sneakers inspired by the manga Naruto? Look no further, we have found the perfect pairs.

There is no shortage of collaborations between sneaker brands and products from geek culture. In 2021 alone, we told you about a pair in collaboration with the PS5, the Xbox consoles or with the animated series South Park. The sportswear brand Mizuno puts the cover back with three pairs of sneakers with the effigy of the three main characters of the manga and anime Naruto.

Team 7 in full (Kakashi is still missing)

If you are familiar with this work, you certainly know Naruto Uzumaki, eponymous hero, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha (sometimes spelled Uchiha). They all have their own visual identities, which we naturally find on the corresponding pairs of sneakers. Naruto’s is almost entirely orange and black, like his ninja outfit, and features the swirl-shaped clan mark on the back.

Sasuke’s pair are predominantly purple, reminiscent of their clothes in the Naruto Shippuden saga, and have the Uchiha emblem on the back as well. Finally, the pair of Sakura recalls the pink of her hair and the burgundy of her clothes. Obviously, the Haruno clan brand is also present on the back of the sneaker. In addition to the color differences, the shape of the sneakers remains the same for the three pairs, so we have a very coherent whole.

The brand also notes some details, which will be important for any fan of the series or the manga. Indeed, on the orange pair, we notice a slight relief pattern which is reminiscent of the skin of a toad – Naruto’s totem animal, which he can summon, but whose energy he controls to enter into hermit fashion. On those of Sasuke, there is a relief in snakeskin, which recalls the young man’s mentor, Orochimaru, and his mastery of summoning snakes.

Not available in France?

If the Japanese brand is present on the European market, no availability date or price in euros has been revealed for the moment, which does not mean that they will never see the light of day in France. They are however available on the Japanese site, at an indicative price of around 100 euros.

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