Take advantage of! The Xbox Series S (and its controls) at a better price than ever

We must emphasize that the model on offer is the version without a disc reader, which is somewhat less powerful than the model with an optical reader. Despite this, with Xbox Game Pass we can enjoy a huge number of games. Now, we have the Xbox Series for 274.34 euros, which is a reduction of more than 25 euros.

Remember that this console is a slightly trimmed version of the Xbox Series X. It is characterized by having a AMD Zen 2 processor Which consists of 8 cores and 16 threads. Said processor works at a frequency of up to 3.6 GHz, depending on different factors.

This console includes a Graphic card architecture-based customization AMD RDNA 2. This card has 20 Compute Units and has support for Ray Tracing. It should be noted that this offers a computing power of up to 4 TFLOPs.

Additionally, this console with a total of 10GB GDDR6. We must emphasize that 8 GB have a bandwidth of 224 GB/s and 2 B have a bandwidth of 56 GB/s. This console has a PCIe 4.0 SSD custom of 512GB capacity.

If we want to expand the capacity of the console, we can use the 2 TB Seagate expansion cards or connect an external hard drive, since it has three USB 3.1 ports. Note that the console also offers HDMI 2.1, an Ethernet port and WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.

We also have to say that this console does not offer support for native 4K games, what it does is rescale them. Microsoft indicates that this console is designed for games in 1440p resolution with a rate of up to 120 FPS.

The discounts also reach the controls

Not only the console has received a price reduction (short, everything is said). Some controllers for this console and the higher model have also received a price reduction. Specifically, these are the controls that currently cost:

Xbox Wireless Controller Carbon Black

In addition to the “basic” models, we also have the Elite Series 2 for 159 euros, which represents a reduction of 21 euros. This command is quite different from previous models, we could say that it is more complete.

First of all, the rear triggers have various degrees of pressure, allowing for more control. Regarding the left joystick, it allows you to regulate the force, something that the normal model does not allow. It has four additional triggers that can be installed at the bottom of the controller and configured to your liking.

Xbox Wireless Controller Elite Series 2

There are two other highlights to this controller. The first is that it supports no less than three different profiles, being able to create custom configurations depending on the game. This remote includes an internal battery, something that does not happen in the other models.

And the one from Starfield, why do you put it?

If you’ve come this far and haven’t made that comment yet, don’t worry. It is true that the new special edition of the Starfield controller has just come out… but you can save 5 euros (it’s not much, we know but it is something) if you go to MediaMarkt where they have it at 69.99 euros compared to 74, 95 euros from the official Xbox store.

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