Why shouldn’t I use Edge trials daily

And it is that the software giant Windows system developer he has taken this project very seriously. It must be taken into account that these browsers are increasingly being used on all types of devices and platforms. In fact, it could be said that this type of program is one of the first that we install when we sit down at a new computer. From there, these serve as a way to download the rest of the applications that we are going to use on a day-to-day basis.

With everything and with it the updates with the new functions that its developers send us are a very important part for the success of any browser. How could it be otherwise, Edge is no less, something that Microsoft is fully aware of. Therefore, the firm does not stop working and send us new functions that make us improve the experience with the program. But these do not always arrive directly with the stable version of the program, but before they go through the trial versions of it. Here we refer to Dev, Beta and Canary versions.

Specifically, these are the versions that receive them in the first place, so they serve as a test to ensure that everything is going well. It is the users themselves who choose to download and install these versions.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Edge trials

This is something that is carried out in order to test before anyone else the latest features developed by the firm. What we must be very clear about at this point is that not all of these make it to the final version of the program and are made available to everyone. You also have to know that these Dev, Beta or Canary versions can coexist perfectly with the stable version of Edge on the system.

However, many users, instead of taking a look at the new features in these trial versions, end up using them as their default browser on a day-to-day basis. Well, this is not recommended at all and can become a problem. We must always opt for use the final version of Edge daily in this case. The first thing we should know is that these mentioned trial versions can give an error at any time. Faults that can be extended to any part of the program.

At the same time they may have certain security holes not covered against which we should not risk. Another section that we should take into consideration is that these new features we now use in these versions, on other occasions they are rejected. This means that they are eliminated and do not reach the final and stable version of Edge. Therefore, if we get used to them, we will see how suddenly they can disappear, but that it can also be a problem.

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