Enjoy more movies and television on Kodi with these plugins

However, not everything is as easy on Kodi as pressing a button, since you will have to search all the streams available in the Kodi repository, as well as the vast number of external repositories that are available, so it takes your effort to search the desired content. For this reason, it is important to know which are the accessories for movies and TV that we should not miss, to have them all organized from the platform.

These add-ons are legal and can be found within the Kodi Add-ons Repository, under the option “Video Addons”, so having them available does not require any special knowledge.

YouTube, the most popular video platform

A fundamental addon for Kodi is the one corresponding to YouTube, the famous streaming video platform. With him we can play all your content inside on Kodi without having to exit the application. We can access with our user account and have access to all the content of the portal, from instructional videos to complete programs, through films, television programs, documentaries, music, sports, tutorials, etc. Since it is an official Kodi addon, we can download it directly from the Kodi repository.

Pluto TV, movies and series for free

It is a recently created platform that arrived in Spain not too long ago and has its own addon for Kodi. It is a completely legal and free application, which includes even HD channels and it allows us to enjoy all kinds of series, movies, sports, etc. without the need to register. It has seven movie channels and six serial channelss, as well as live broadcasts. Best of all, the vast majority of its content is available in Spanish. It has anime, entertainment, science fiction, adventure, thriller channels, among others.

Pluto TV

Popcornflix, a classic on online platforms

It is one of the longest-lived streaming platforms as it has been active since 2011. Its service offers free video streaming (with ads) and full-length web episodes. It stands out for having a fairly wide catalog, both with independent films that we will not find on other platforms, along with some successes from the past that we will surely recognize. It has an extensive list of genres ordered by comedy, action, drama, horror, romance, documentaries, among others. Too bad it doesn’t include too much content in Spanish, so it can be a great option if we want to enjoy them in their original version.


FilmRise, for lovers of less commercial cinema

Another interesting complement that we should not overlook is FilmRise. It is a distributor that is responsible for promoting and exhibiting films, which, although they are not large productions, may be ideal for those who seek less commercial movies. A wide variety of genres such as documentaries, comedy shows, and independent films are included. All content is completely legal and is ideal for discovering lesser-known films that still do not make you have a good time.

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