Do you need Wi-Fi to reach further? No, don’t use a repeater

Having problems with the Internet connection at home is something that can greatly affect our day to day. We may have limitations to view streaming content on platforms such as Netflix, download files or use the cloud. To avoid this, something we usually do is buy a WIFI repeater. Now, it is not the best option if you want the coverage go far. Therefore, we are going to give you some recommendations that you can take into account.

A Wi-Fi repeater is not always the solution and you can have constant failures. This is so, since this device needs to connect to the router. If you move it too far away, the signal loses strength and, later, it will reach other devices that connect further away. But there are better alternatives.

Alternatives for Wi-Fi to go far

If you really need your internet connection to go further, whether you’re connecting via cable or Wi-Fi, a repeater isn’t going to be the best solution. Always goes for lose signal and it could be insufficient to connect devices without appearing annoying continuous cuts, which will prevent you from browsing normally.

install cable

The first option you have is to create a cable installation in your home. In this case, it basically consists of connecting a LAN cable to the router and taking the other end to another area of ​​the house. You will be able to connect devices by cable directly, such as a television or a computer, but you will also be able to connect it to another access point, which can even be an old router, and connect many other devices via Wi-Fi.

Logically, the negative point of this option is that it requires installation. At least you will have a cable that goes through the wall from one area to another. You can also prepare it well and make it hidden, but it is a job to add. However, it is undoubtedly the best solution to have Internet much further away from your home.

Use PLC devices

A simpler and more accessible alternative for everyone is to use PLC devices. They are devices that are connected through the electrical line. They usually come in a kit of two. You connect one of them to the router, by LAN cable, and also to a plug. You put the other in any other place in the house, also connected to electricity.

It is quite stable, so you will be able to have Internet in different areas of the house. Of course, it is necessary that the electrical wiring is in good condition. In addition, it is good that you avoid placing the PLCs near other devices that may generate interference. Ideally, you should connect them as isolated as possible.

Problems when using Wi-Fi PLC

Use a mesh system

You can also count on a Mesh system. It’s perfect for cover a large area. They are devices or satellites that connect to each other, unlike a repeater that has to connect directly to the router. Therefore, you can distribute these satellites in different parts of the house and make the connection go further. You can set up a Mesh system with your router.

With these devices, it is easy to cover several hundred square meters. Your devices will always connect to the satellite that has the best connection, which is not necessarily going to be the closest. Therefore, you will achieve a wider, more powerful Wi-Fi network with greater speed to navigate.

As you can see, there are options. better than a Wi-Fi repeater to have Internet throughout the house, regardless of the distance. You can perform a LAN cable installation, use PLC devices or a Mesh system. Even an old router can be useful in these cases.

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