Do you use Microsoft Edge? Get to know these extensions to manage your passwords

Microsoft Edge extensions for passwords

Currently on many web pages we will have to register and create an account. As we mentioned before, we should not reuse passwords, so it would be normal for us to soon find that we have many passwords. Also, it is highly recommended that these passwords have a certain length, more than 12 characters with symbols, uppercase, lowercase and numbers, so we must store these credentials in some way. Of course, remembering all these passwords by heart is almost unbearable for most of us, because we not only have to remember two or three passwords, but all services, so it is highly recommended to use a password manager.

If you use Microsoft Edge as your primary web browser, we currently have a number of extensions that we use as a key manager. Thanks to these extensions we will be able to remember all the users and passwords of our accounts, generate new passwords and many more possibilities, of course, with all this information fully encrypted in a password store.

With key managers, we only have to remember one password, the master key that decrypts this password store when using it. The rest of the keys will be remembered.


Bitwarden it is the easiest and safest way to save all our login credentials. It also allows us to have them conveniently synchronized between all our devices. We can download this add-on for Edge from here. On the other hand, we also have a quick guide on how it works on YouTube:

Password theft is a serious problem and if you are not careful it can be easily stolen. Also, all our logins are kept in an encrypted store and not even the Bitwarden team can read our data. As for the encryption it uses, it is AES-256 bit and it is available in more than 48 languages. This extension is widely known and widely used by users, and it also has extensions for other web browsers and even specific programs for different operating systems.

Bitwarden is a very popular program to save all our passwords, in addition, we have both a free version forever but with limitations, as well as premium account plans, both for individual users and for families and even companies. Depending on our needs, we can purchase payment plans to have more or less features.


Another of the Microsoft Edge extensions that we can use to manage our passwords is LastPass. Thanks to it we can save our passwords and access them from any computer and mobile device. This tool is one of the most used in the vast majority of browsers, it has a large number of functionalities, but above all it will allow us to have our passwords protected with AES-256 encryption and a master password.

It is available in 7 languages, it allows us to automatically log in with our accounts, generate passwords and manage our password store. LastPass is one of the best solutions that we can use as a main password manager. LastPass also has a completely free plan, but in addition, we have a premium version for €3 per month that allows us access to all devices and advanced security features, in addition, we also have a family version for €4 per month to easily share passwords between users or computers.

Norton Key Manager

Norton is another of the companies specialized in antivirus and security solutions, it also has its complement to manage passwords that you can download from this link. This extension only works with the latest versions of Windows 10 and is available for 23 languages. Thanks to this plugin, we will be able to seamlessly access the Norton password manager store from the Microsoft Edge browser.

One of the strong points of this solution is that we can verify if we have reused passwords, if the password is weak and many other features, such as generating random passwords with a certain complexity that we can configure.

Avira password manager

Another of the Microsoft Edge extensions to manage our passwords is that of Avira. This plugin has been downloaded over a million times and is available in 12 languages. This extension is also very popular among users of Avira antivirus itself, it has the main configuration and customization options than other password managers.

On the other hand, by remembering the master password of our key store, we will be able to access the passwords from any device. Also this plugin automatically populates the stored login credentials and automatically asks us if we want to save one when it detects a new one. That without forgetting that it allows us to create our own password with the rules that we establish.


The plugin for Edge Dashlane we can download it from here. It will allow us multiple functions such as the following:

  • Save passwords and personal information as we browse.
  • Sync Dashlane data to all devices automatically.
  • Generate and save strong passwords and log in automatically.
  • Create strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts.

We have it available in 11 languages ​​and it protects our information with the strongest proprietary encryption methods in the industry. This tool is also widely used by users, and its operation is really intuitive. Not only will it allow us to save usernames and passwords, but we will be able to save notes in an encrypted and secure way, our personal information, payment methods, our ID and we will be able to share this information in a safe way with whoever we want.

Manage your keys with Kaspersky

Another of the Microsoft Edge extensions that you can try is that of Kaspersky that you can download from the following link. This plugin will allow us to generate secure passwords for our accounts and verify its security when we register on a web page or change it. If you already use a Kaspersky cybersecurity solution, we think this key manager is the one for you, because it’s already included in the software itself, plus we have Kaspersky’s security expertise.

On the other hand, if we also install the Kaspersky Password Manager application, the extension will save the information you enter in online forms in our personal store, and then fill in the forms securely and quickly. Over 700,000 Microsoft Edge users have downloaded this plugin and we have it available in 24 languages.

As you have seen, we currently have a large number of extensions compatible with Microsoft Edge so that we only have to remember one password, the one for the key store where all the others are.

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