Do you want discounts at Apple? You don’t have them for this

Apple is known throughout the world for many aspects, most of them positive. However, there is one that, of course, not everyone likes, and that is that it hardly offers discounts on its products, or special offers at different times of the year. If you want to know the reason, we will tell you below.

The reason why Apple does not lower the prices of its products

In the world of technology it is common to see many discounts in the different devices, since throughout the year there are numerous launches that devalue the price of those that were already on the market. Nevertheless, this trend is not something that seems to matter to Applewhich in this sense plays a little apart from the rest of the manufacturers.

The Cupertino company gives a really great value to all its devicesAnd that’s the main reason why Apple never lowers the prices of its equipment until a new version is released, which is usually after a year or even longer. With this movement, what causes is that all those users who want to acquire a device with the apple logo, have to pay for it, the same price as those who acquired it on the day of its launch, although since then they have already spent Several months. In fact, in most cases, Apple does not even lower the previous version, but directly removes it from the market, or at least from its physical and online store.

This movement is completely different from the rest of the manufacturers, which, as we mentioned, usually lower the prices of its equipment within a few months of its launch, causing the price and value of these to be considerably devalued. This devaluation means that all those users who want, over time, to sell the product they have purchased, lose a lot of money, while with the iPhone or any other Apple device this is not the case.

iPad Air + iPhone

The reason why Apple does not join the bandwagon of other companies is because considers its equipment to have the same value for as long as it is on the market as the first optionand it is when a renewal is presented that the price usually drops slightly, because yes, these sales are not usually very large compared to the original price.

Obviously this has its advantages and disadvantages, since, if on the one hand it makes the equipment less accessible in economic terms, it also favors those users who want to change their equipment with each launch, having the possibility of selling their device at a much higher price having to pay like this, a smaller amount of money than if you made this same movement with products from other brands. In fact, Apple takes this philosophy so strictly that not even in the great moments of sales like the black fridayoffers discounts on its products, although in this case, the Cupertino company does offer a small gift to all buyers who purchase a product through the Apple Store during those days.

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