New iMac with wireless charging? Apple patents it

Apple seeks new concepts for its iMac

In the United States Patent and Trademark Office you can see a request made by Apple last month in which it describes new iMac designs that, although they do not reflect the immediate future, it serves to see what developments are taking place.

In the document you can see iMac designs that, a priori, do not seem too flashy. However, reading the entire document and according to the published images, we see interesting features such as having a base capable of charging accessories wirelessly. Elements such as the mouse or keyboard could be loaded on the base, in the same way that we intuit that an iPhone could be recharged.

It is not that it is a novelty to really incorporate wireless charging at the base of a computer, since we have already seen it even on monitors. However, Apple has not done it so far and it does not seem to be exactly the same, since it can be seen that each accessory of the iMac would have its own space for charging, thus ruling out possible problems such as those of the fateful AirPower charging mat.

Other characteristics are also described, such as the stand supports different positions in the purest Microsoft Surface Studio style or that the camera be mobile. Mind you, the thickness displayed for the monitor seems too thick compared to current iMacs. Although in the end they are still illustrations that could simply be made in order to describe the rest of the components.

imac patent

What are the chances of it coming true?

As we always say when talking about patents, all companies like Apple file numerous patents over the course of a week. Some of them are approved and others are not, although in any case they are not indicative of anything. They simply serve so that companies can secure the rights to what they register, so Apple in this case is only trying to safeguard its legal rights if they finally launch an iMac of this class.

The company will have to study the viability of this development, since nothing indicates that they already have prototypes and they could simply be studies carried out by the company’s engineers. In any case, seeing something like this would not be in the short term. At the moment rumors suggest that in 2022 we will see an iMac with a design similar to the current 24-inch one, but with a new more powerful processor and a size that could reach 32 inches.

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