Don’t get your Netflix or YouTube stolen! This is the most usual

Common attacks against Netflix and YouTube

We can say that cybercriminals usually change their strategies, but they mainly use four that are the most common. Although they may vary the way they throw these attacks, The base is the same. Detecting them is essential to avoid making mistakes and protect a Netflix, YouTube or any similar platform account.

Try and failure

The simplest, but at the same time the most used, is trial and error or brute force attack. Where is this? Basically what the attacker does is try common passwords and see if any of them work with that account. And yes, it is something that works much more than it may seem.

Many users continue to commit serious errors when entering the password. Many use keys as basic as 123456 and the like. In addition, others use the same password they have on other pages or online services. If any of these pages get leaked, they could try their luck and see if that password matches Netflix or YouTube.

Our advice is that you use unique keys and that they are secure. Avoid the simple ones, never put your name or date of birth. It could take very little time for a hacker to hack a password if you don’t take these steps.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are also behind many Netflix or YouTube account thefts. What cybercriminals do in this case is send a email or SMS fake. They tend to make the victim believe that there is a problem with her account. For example, that someone has tried to enter, that there has been a change in conditions, etc.

But of course, all this is actually a lie. All they are looking for is for us to log in through a fraudulent link that they have sent us. That takes us to a fake web page and by entering the password you will end up directly on a server controlled by the attackers.

fake programs

Of course, they also tend to use fake programs quite a bit. What they want is for you to install a application that will pretend to be legitimate, but in reality they have created it just to scam. It may look similar to the official Netflix or YouTube, but as soon as you put your data they could steal it.

Furthermore, these rogue programs can also distribute malware. They could infect your device without you realizing it. Our advice is that you only install official programs and always download them from the Netflix, YouTube or whatever platform website and thus avoid problems.

Viruses on the computer or mobile

they might as well sneak in a virus on PC or mobile. For example, a keylogger that records the password, a Trojan to control the system, etc. Here they will use different methods, such as an attachment that comes to you by mail, a fake application, etc.

To avoid viruses, it is best to use common sense and avoid making mistakes. But it is also essential to have a good antivirus, such as Avast or Windows Defender. It is also essential to have everything updated and to be able to correct possible vulnerabilities that may be on the computer.

In short, as you can see, they can hack your Netflix or YouTube account through different methods. It is essential that you do not make mistakes and keep everything well protected. Not falling into the trap is essential for everything to work well.

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