The iPhone 13 at a discount, what an opportunity!

When buying an iPhone, the user does not always have to look for the top model or the latest one that has come on the market, but the best choice is always the one with the best quality/price ratio based on their needs, And the iPhone 13 has a lot to say about it, even more so with the discount it has at MediaMarkt. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

iPhone 13 discount

The iPhone 13 is one of the most balanced devices that Apple has within its entire catalog, however, the trend was that it should have dropped in price after the launch of the iPhone 14, which did not happen because the latter raised its price considerably, causing the iPhone 13 to drop. It will stagnate at 909 euros, which by the way, continues to cost today in the Apple Store.

However, fortunately for users, Apple is not the only company that sells its products, since other establishments also have them, with the advantage that they do tend to make occasional discounts on some of Apple’s products, such as the current case of the iPhone 13. As we told you, this is priced at 909 euros in the Apple Store, however, MediaMarkt is currently selling the 128 GB iPhone 13 in white for 819 euroscome on, a fantastic opportunity to save you a good amount of money.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 13 now?

This is the question that many people ask themselves, if it is really worth buying this device, even more so now that the launch of the new generation is near. Well, the truth is that the iPhone 13, as we have told you as soon as the post began, is one of the most balanced teams that Apple has, for what it offers and for what it costsEspecially with this offer. Having said that, it is obvious that it is not the best iPhone on the market, but it is the one that surely suits many users who do not really need to have the highest specifications in exchange for paying more than 1,400 or 1,500 euros.

iPhone 13 mini cameras

This iPhone offers a great user experience for several reasons, first of all it has a 6.1 inch screen of great quality, which allows you to enjoy any content you want to see on it, in addition to having an ideal and very comfortable size for day to day. On the other hand, Battery It is more than acceptable, although if you are a user who gives the equipment a lot of power, you will surely finish something fair and even have to go through the charger before the end of the day. At the camera level It is an iPhone, and this of course is a guarantee of quality in the images and videos that you want to make with it. It has a dual camera module, made up of the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as obviously the front lens, offering really good results both at the photographic and video level.

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