DOOM and Star Wars mix in this quirky and crazy mod

Today the GTA mods may be the modifications that attract the most attention, but if there is a king who over the years has known how to demonstrate that he is a reference in this type of homemade creations, that is none other than DOOM. So it should come as no surprise that ID Software’s game is in charge of reinventing the mythical Star Wars Battlefront II. And the result is incredible!

A game-changing mod

Created by bk2modder, this spectacular modification of Star Wars Battlefront II turns the game into a kind of DOOM 3D that we’ve never seen before. And it is that taking advantage of the physics and the gameplay of Battlefront, they have managed to create a modern version of DOOM of the MS-DOS classic, including Cacodemonios.

At the moment only the first level of the game is available, E1M1, and Mars: Landing Zone, and it will be there where we play Team Deathmatch or Zone Conquest games (original Battlefront II modes). The result is a multiplayer mode inspired by the original DOOM that looks fantastically good considering that it is a handcrafted job. Players will be able to choose between two sides, the UAC Marines or the Demons, so the fun is more than guaranteed.

Among the characters to choose from, we can find different marines, possessed marines, the classic Imp and even the Cacodemon with its creepy appearance.

DOOM like you’ve never seen it before

DOOM Front

As you can see in the presentation video, the mod includes original DOOM textures and sounds, so even if the view is in perfect 3D with camera turns and different perspectives, you will feel completely that you are in the first original map of John’s classic Carmack. The game modes are quite simple, but here the grace is the aesthetic that has come to be offered based on one of the best shooters of all time. And you already know that as long as DOOM can be taken to random things, the idea will always be well received.

It is downloadable?

DOOM Front

The mod is available right now, and you can download it directly from modDB, obviously needing an installation of Star Wars Battlefront II complete (remember that it was available to download for free on the Epic Games Store in January). Its creator promises news in the coming months, but asks for patience. The idea is to include new maps and new models, and for that we will have to wait.

As always, these types of creations are completely free, and their creator only asks you to spread the word so that their work can be known by more and more people. Works like this show that with the help of the community, very interesting results can be achieved, hence many developers are open to offering all kinds of facilities when creating modifications to their games. And it is that everything that is being able to put things to your liking only brings good news over time. Let them tell PUBG.

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