Duet Display for Mac brings improvements with the new update


Duet Display, since it appeared, has always been a very useful application. It allowed us users to be able to expand and add a second screen to the Mac if we had an iPad or an iPhone, very normal if you already had a Mac. I have it and still use it on occasion. Why? You may wonder considering that macOS Monterey or macOS 12 allows us to perform this function through AirPlay. For good reason. Your Mac may not be able to upgrade to that version, and you don’t need to buy a new Mac if you have a Duet Display. Now, in addition, the application has improved a lot with the new update.

It is worth that right now we are looking forward to the new Universal Control function being launched definitively and with those options we will be able to share the screen of our Mac on iPad or on another Mac and even on the iPhone. But we must bear in mind that it is likely that we will not be able to do the same if we have a computer that cannot be updated or that for unknown reasons you do not want to update. For that we have Duet Display, an application that is a few years old now but that continues to work very well and now much better with the new updates.

CEO and co-founder Rahul Dewan shared that part of Duet’s performance improvements come from redesigning its “network protocol from scratch“, which provides super low latency with a local wireless setup or even remote access. That has also allowed Duet to “optimize for a wider variety of computers” and “leverage hardware acceleration like never before.”

The app is not free, It is a somewhat delicate point and it can turn back those who are reluctant, but it does not have an exorbitant price either. €14.99. The biggest problem is that this is the basic price and it connects the Mac via cable to the iPad. If you want it wireless you must pay a monthly subscription.

The best with the new update are.

  1. Significant improvements in wireless performance for macOS 10.15 and later
  2. Redesign of the Android protocol to improve the highest performance and resolutions whenever possible
  3. Improved handling in real-time macOS environment to improve performance
  4. Improved support when running on latest Macs
  5. stability improvements and various bug fixes
Duet Display (AppStore Link)

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