This is the world’s largest home 3D printer (and you can buy it)

3D printing is something that is increasingly present in common homes. Many people are interested in it, whether for utility or simply leisure, and that is why every day we see new products and options on the market. However, we have never seen one like this. And we are talking about the largest 3D printer in the world at the domestic level.

With it we could make any impression we want, including the creation of a small child on a 1:1 scale. Of course, it will not be cheap to buy it, much less the material necessary to create such large projects.

This is the largest 3D printer

This team’s project began through a Kickstarter campaign, where the goal was to raise $100,000 to make it a reality. However, users seemed to like the idea, since they have spent nearly $2.5 million on this project. moment.

The name of the 3D printer is OrangeStorm Giga, and its dimensions are capable of making prints of up to 80 cm x 80 cm x 100 cm. That is, we could replicate a child up to 1 meter tall, something that today, at least at a domestic level, is outrageous.

large 3d printer

He price Of the same, for clients who want to get one, it is expected to be about $2,500. Something high, but not inaccessible or exaggerated, at least for what it offers us. Of course, you will have to have a good space in your house to put it.

Furthermore, this equipment not only allows us to make a unique impression of a piece of furniture, for example, without having to join its pieces, but it can also create up to 4 projects at the same time. Something very useful if these are smaller and we want to save time. So it is not only designed for people who need large objects, but also for those looking for speed.

The equipment would be made up of an RK3328 quad-core processor that has a base frequency of 1.5 GHz, which can reach the speed up to 300mm/salthough its optimal recommendation is 150 mm/s for a perfect creation.

OrangeStorm Giga 3D printer

Its printing temperature can reach up to 300 degrees without any problem, so it is not advisable to put your hand during the process. It also has a 7-inch screen where we can see all the information and the progress of the printing in progress.

The campaign for this OrangeStorm Giga ends on January 3, 2024, and if you are interested you can get it for half the price, that is, about $1,250, something that already sounds better and would not be a bad price at all seeing its Specifications. There are already more than 1,000 people who have purchased it, although its estimated delivery will be in the summer of next year, so if you purchase it, you will have to wait a little to receive it. Of course, if you plan to purchase it, waiting for its official launch will make you pay double, so you have a couple of months to think about it.

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