Enough of big Androids: this website asks for the return of the small smartphone

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a genius, but time has proven him wrong in his strong stance on mobile phone screens. The co-founder of Apple defended tooth and nail that a good terminal had to be able to be used with one hand. A few years after his death, and with a company losing its appeal to Samsung, Cook ignored Jobs’s advice, and the iPhone was once again a hit. Well, the CEO of Pebble nostalgic for that era, and he’s doing his best to bring back small smartphones.

Little ones no thanks

It may be that we have problems with our eyes or that Zara’s pants have bigger and bigger pockets, but as far as we are concerned, small mobile phones are fine where they are now: the past. However, there are people who constantly complain that there are no terminals that fit in the palm of their hand.

A couple of years ago, Apple went back to its roots with the iPhone 12 Mini, a miniaturization of the iPhone 12. At first it did not sell well at all, but those from Cupertino have maintained this line because they know that today, they are the only alternative to a very specific niche of users. And from that group Eric Migicovsky, the one who once founded Pebble. Migicovsky is collecting signatures so that companies that make smartphones have an idea of ​​how many potential small-phone customers there are in the world. He has created a website,, where he explains what features a hypothetical compact Android smartphone should have.

How should a small smartphone be according to Eric Migicovsky?

Eric Migicovsky has published on his website the features what that hypothetical small smartphone should have. And, seeing the list, now we can ensure that no manufacturer is going to be encouraged to develop said terminal. But since dreaming is free, here is the list of specifications:

  • 5.4-inch OLED screen
  • 1080p resolution with a frequency rate of 60 Hz
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor or equivalent
  • 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage
  • Normal and wide-angle camera on the rear
  • Cameras on par with the Pixel 5 (with great low-light performance)
  • Front camera under the screen
  • 5G connectivity
  • Autonomy of 4 hours of screen

But in addition, there are a few more features that we are not going to ignore. Migicovsky also wants the terminal to be waterproof with IP68 certificate and that also has fingerprint reader on power button. It should be robust enough to be used without a case and should also have a hardware mute switch, like the iPhone or OnePlus. It should also support eSIM, wireless charging and NFC. Finally, the manufacturer would have to allow unlocking the bootloader, a feature that closes this list of specifications of a terminal that we will never see.

Migicovsky himself knows that current mobile phone manufacturers are unlikely to take any chances with such a product, considering the chip shortage and the very small public to which this mobile would be directed.

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