Epson will recreate an immersive classroom at SIMO 2023

Epson is going to participate in the next edition of the SIMO 2023 education fairwhich will take place from November 14 to 16, by recreating an immersive classroom in which it will show its latest developments and technologies focused on guaranteeing a sustainable digital transition in the educational sector. For its creation it will have the support of its partner Simmersive.

The classroom will be at the fair stand 6A12, and visitors will be able to experience the possibilities available to generate more innovative classes than the current ones, and above all, more adapted to the innovations of the future.

Epson has decided to participate in the fair in this way based on a survey recently carried out by the company among teachers. Among their results, it is proven that 64% of them see achieving a greater share of digitalization as the greatest challenge they face in their work.

Precisely, Epson’s innovations, based on immersive technology, allow for increased interaction in classes, and provide teachers and students with new tools with which to promote the cognitive development of students. Especially the youngest ones.

In addition to this classroom, Epson will also present several initiatives designed for the educational community at SIMO. One of them is the EDU2030 project, which brings together all of Epson’s initiatives to accelerate the digital and sustainable transformation in the educational field in Spain.

It includes several listening, analysis and action activities, and focuses on understanding the needs of the educational community in Spain. Also to respond to them, and to provide training materials and different teaching resources. On the other hand, Epson also offers, within the framework of this project, training talks and resources and tools so that teachers can develop digital transformation plans at school.

According to Raúl Sanahuja, Communication Manager at Epson Iberia«The new needs of Spanish classrooms undoubtedly involve accelerating their digitalization and also doing so in an innovative way. Large companies, through our technology and expertise, must be able to capitalize and lead a new path to help all actors interested in achieving real, measurable and valuable improvements for both our society and the planet.”.

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