Man kills his family for fear of losing custody of his daughters to a fake Covid passport

The murder took place in Könings Wusterhausen, Germany, last Saturday, where he initially began the domestic violence investigation, but as the investigation progressed, they found a letter where the father would have confirmed that he had killed his wife and three daughters.

A father of a family killed his wife and three children before committing suicide because he feared being imprisoned after having forged an anti-covid health pass, German justice indicated this Tuesday.

The researchers found a farewell letter at the family home, indicated the spokesman for the Cottbus prosecutor’s office, in charge of the case.

The five lifeless bodies were found last Saturday in a town in the south of the capital Berlin, Königs Wusterhausen, and since then, the reason for the drama has not been known.

A farewell letter

In his farewell letter, the 40-year-old father says he had a false vaccination certificate made for his wife.

“But the woman’s employer found out and wanted to investigate,” spokesman Gernot Bantleon told AFP.

“The father hoped that he and his wife would be arrested and that the children would be taken from them,” he added.

Investigators assume that the 40-year-old father killed his three children, ages four, eight and ten, and his wife, 40, before committing suicide. Neighbors had alerted emergency services after seeing dead bodies in the house.

An autopsy on the bodies is still ongoing, but investigators have so far found no fatal gunshot wounds, according to prosecutors.

German authorities have expressed repeatedly concerned about proliferation and the trafficking of false vaccination certificates against covid-19, especially affected by the new wave of the pandemic.

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