Prockett offers free advice to freelancers to participate in the Digital Kit

The Valencian startup Prockett has launched a free service for freelancers requesting aid for the Digital Kit, facilitating the design and development of a simple but effective digitization plan. The company, creator of the first portable billing program for small self-employed, it seeks to promote a group of more than three million people in Spain that has been especially affected by the pandemic.

The program digital-kit foresees the distribution of more than €3 billion from European funds for direct aid, exclusively aimed at the self-employed and small entrepreneurs who need to digitize their business. The application period, which will last three months, begins next February, “and they will be granted in order of request, so it is convenient to be very attentive.

To receive the money, a freelancer has to be agile, now more than ever”, explains Carles García-Vitoria, co-founder and CEO of Prockett; “As we have been able to verify, 80% of the self-employed have not yet heard anything about the Digital Kit, and the 20% who have heard it do not trust it, or do not understand its application”he assures.

Therefore, before the imminent start of the program, Prockett helps all the self-employed who need it and meet the requirements in the cumbersome process of processing the bonus, in order to increase the chances of obtaining it. As a first contact, it has launched the informative site, and will hold an open webinar next Wednesday, January 26, to explain how the Digital Kit works. Because, in addition to ensuring compliance in the form and term, the team of advisers also guides in choosing the solutions that suit each professional, preparing the package to request it on time, and ensuring its success once granted.

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“Our recommendation is to diversify the money obtained in different solutions, among which we prioritize electronic invoicing, the creation of a website and visibility in business networks, as well as investment in online advertising”explains Carles García-Vitoria.

Digitize to gain independence and efficiency

And it is that no one is unaware of the need that every self-employed professional has to have a faster, autonomous and relocated business management. “The problem is that nobody has helped the self-employed and small entrepreneurs in this sector to be digital, and we have assumed that because they have an Instagram account they already have enough knowledge. But a freelancer hardly manages to cover all the areas of his work, and he never has time to take web programming courses, or online customer analysis, or learn to use automatic billing. That step must be taken, but it must be taken firmly, without complex solutions that they cannot handle later.”Carlos explains.

That is why Prockett was born, a technological startup founded by three young entrepreneurial talents, creator of simple and useful solutions, accessible to any service professional: installations, reforms, painting, decoration and even restoration or hairdressing. In the form of a web application, it has developed a very affordable and secure management program that can be used from any smartphone or computer.

It has functions such as an editor to quote and invoice in seconds, expense ticket grabber, call and task calendar, client manager and real-time access to your manager or trusted advisor. In addition, it has an auto editor with which freelancers can create a simple and visual website, adapted to mobile phones, which contains essential business information. With all this, users, who do not need computer skills, save headaches.

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