Microsoft launches in tests Dev Box, workstations in the cloud for developers

After announcing its future release at this year’s Build developer conference, Microsoft has confirmed the availability in public testing phase of Dev Boxa package of company tools designed to make it easy for developers and that they only have to focus on the code, and not also on the infrastructure. Among other possibilities, it makes available to those who carry out different development tasks virtual workstations so they can run their tests.

Microsoft Dev Box is compatible with any development environment, software development kit, or tool that works with Windows. Developers can use its tools to create desktop, mobile, web, and Internet of Things applications. The workstations it makes available to developers are in the cloud, so Dev Box also supports Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Subsystem for Android.

To access Dev Box it is only necessary to have a system with Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS. The service can also be accessed with a web browser. Developers using the service can choose between different sizes for their virtual workstation: from 4 vCPUs with 16 GB of storage to 32 vCPUs with 128 GB of storage.

During the trial period Microsoft Dev Box, companies will have the first 15 hours of the workstation with 8 CPUs and 32 GB of memory free every month. They will also have free access to the first 365 hours of 512 GB SKU SSD Dev Box Storage. After this, companies will pay for what they use every hour, based on a price system based on consumption.

Dev Box runs on the Azure Virtual Desktop service, and can be managed alongside Windows 365 Cloud PCs through Endpoint Manager. It is still unknown how much Dev Box will cost when its final version is available, because Microsoft has not made any public announcement about it. Nor about when your trial period will end

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