Fitbit recalls 1.7 million smartwatches deemed unsafe

If you are the owner of a Fitbit Ionic connected watch, stop using it immediately and claim your refund: this old model is likely to catch fire.

Fitbit, the Alphabet subsidiary known for its line of connected equipment products, has launched a recall procedure for its Ionic connected watches. The reason given: they constitute a real risk, because their batteries tend to overheat.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an American regulatory agency, the Li-Ion batteries of some of these smartwatches have already overheated to the point of catching fire. They are therefore likely to inflict severe burns on users if they fail to undo the bracelet in time.

It’s a blow for the brand. She apparently sold about 1,700,000 copies of this product, including about 700,000 in Europe. So she’s headed for an absolutely massive recall. So far, the authority has 174 complaints, 78 of which mention burns. Among them, two reported second degree burns. Four other plaintiffs suffered third degree burns. In all cases, it is systematically injuries to the wrist.

The CPSC therefore advises all users to stop using the watch immediately. No other Fitbit watch models are affected; those who use another model therefore have nothing to worry about. They can continue to use it without fear; only the Ionic was identified as faulty. However, Fitbit should be contacted as soon as possible to return the product.

A commercial gesture is planned

To do this, simply go to the web page dedicated to the recall procedure, at this address. You will then need to access the reimbursement center (at this address) in order to be compensated. The exact amount of support is not specified, but AppleInsider specifies however that this support amounts to $299 (~268 €) for American customers.

Fitbit has also planned another commercial gesture. Those who return their watch in this way will also receive a special 40% discount (for a limited time) on selected Fitbit devices, bands and services. The brand specifies however that it will be necessary to wait 3 to 6 weeks after the start of the procedure. Note that even customers who have kept an old watch of this type in their drawers for years will be eligible for a refund. To assert your rights, all you need is a model with the code FB503 on the back.

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