Evaluation Of Your Social Media Productivity Using Social Media Audit Tools

It is critical for companies to have an internet presence in today’s modern world. Organizations, on the other contrary, frequently fall into the same trap of just posting online for the sake of doing, or of laying their resources too widely in an endeavor to be active on every conceivable network. Both methods can result in a significant wastage of time.

Alternatively, focus on ensuring that your business has a strong presence on the social media sites that your core demographic accesses. The social networking audit can help you figure out which platforms and sort of media are most productive. It may not be the greatest interesting aspect of social networking sites, but it must be accomplished.

There are several auditing tools available for social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Because Instagram is such a popular social media platform, an Instagram audit tool is required.

What Does “Social Media Auditing” Indicate?

In a nutshell, social networking sites accounting is the method of making a list of all your social media profiles and providing as much information as possible about each. These statistics will help you determine if the social media platforms on which you’re engaged are appropriate for your business and whether your individual profiles are well-managed. This activity will also assist you in identifying any out-of-date or illegitimate social media profiles that misuse your company image.

One should do a comprehensive audit each year and conduct regular evaluations. Your annual review, which should be done around the same period each year, will go through all of your profiles in depth to see if it’s still a good idea to stick with that service. The quarterly reviews will place a greater emphasis on substance. You’ll look at the statistics of the material you’ve published in the previous month to see which sorts of articles your intended audience responds to the most. If you work with celebrities, you can go a step beyond that with your monthly evaluations by evaluating the properties and performance your endorsers post. The following are among some of the social networking audit tools.

  1. HypeAuditor – You may very well have noticed that HypeAuditor is one of the go-to tools for producing clickbait articles if you’re a frequent user of the work. While it was designed to identify fraudsters and determine the quality of a community, it can also be used to keep track of your own Instagram handle. You could track your personal Instagram account to get a greater comprehension of your online networking by simply entering your handle in the “My Report” area of its interface. It will also give you an electronic update every week which highlights your engagement, which you could use to construct your quarterly social media evaluation. HypeAuditor’s complimentary subscription is fairly minimal, much like many other social media tools that provide a free version. It’s simply designed to give you an idea of how its technology could assist satisfy your objectives. The difference between its complimentary package and the lowest plan, on the other hand, is rather significant – $299 to be precise. As a result, for small enterprises, it isn’t the most cost-effective option.
  2. ContentCal – ContentCal provides an analysis tool as part of its core functions, which allows you to evaluate what is functioning across various networks using visual and easy-to-understand infographics. The visual aspect of these tables and diagrams makes assessing your growth and progress much straightforward. It also offers sophisticated statistics, which are available if needed and may be incorporated to its Fundamental package for a cost. You’ll be able to monitor your progress across organic search engine media, as well as demographics of your followers. Unlike many programmes, ContentCal allows you to evaluate data for up to 12 months, rather than just the preceding months. A further important aspect worth mentioning is the customised, branding insights. If you’re doing a social networking audit to show other members of the team how effective you are, these audits will come in useful because you can have them emailed to your mailbox every quarter.
  1. CrowdFire – Crowdfire’s free version gives you the opportunity to social insights as well as actionable insights, which includes graphs of key information. Unfortunately, the free plan only allows you to access one day’s worth of information at a time. As a result, it’s more of a trial version that allows you to test out its key features without making a cash obligation. You’ll need to join up for the company’s Plus plan, which is geared at solopreneurs and micro businesses, to have access to 30 days of information for your quarterly assessments. When compared to other similar tools, it’s still a good deal at less than $6 per quarter. Furthermore, it could be used for post-analytics. You’ll also get a market survey if you upgrade to a premium subscription tier, which will bring a positive sense of how your social media advertising compares to that of other firms in your sector. It also allows you to create custom reports to assist you understand how your articles are functioning. If you’re part of a broader company, this tool could be quite beneficial.
  1. UnionMetrics – Union Metrics is another option if you want to examine your Twitter fast and accurately. Over 5 million marketers embrace it, and it provides the information you need to produce an appropriate social media plan, as well as the design to optimize monitoring. Its characteristics include profile analysis, which can assist you in evaluating and enhancing your social networking sites’ effect. You’ll be able to completely expand your reach in this manner. It has three products for free: Twitter Assistance, Twitter Snapshot Reporter, and Instagram Account Inspection. It doesn’t have a free plan, but it does feature three free resources. The Twitter Assistant in particular comes in handy. It analyses your most recent tweets to make personalised recommendations on how to increase engagement and attract new followers. Overall, it’s one of the finest free programmes to utilise if you want to come up with innovative ways to get more out of Twitter.


In the marketplace, there are several auditing tools to choose from. One should investigate all tools and select the ones that are most useful to them. The audit tools listed above are the best and can assist you in achieving your objectives.

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