EVERSPACE 2 lands today on Xbox Game Pass with early access for PC

Following the success of its first installment, the independent studio Rockfish Games has just announced its recent collaboration with Microsoft. to bring EVERSPACE 2 to your Xbox Game Pass gaming service, thus offering us a first availability of its version in early access for PC.

The agreement not only allows space pilots with Game Pass to jump into their cockpits before anyone else, but it will also offer extra support to our team to complete the campaign, as we promised, to strengthen the endgame of the game and continue developing the title. for all platforms”, Detailed Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games.

And is that EVERSPACE 2’s third biggest content update, Khaït Nebula, is almost ready for launch on November 3, while Xbox Game Pass users will be able to enjoy it from today, followed by Steam users later this week.

First released in January 2021 in Early Access for Steam, EVERSPACE 2 was introduced as a roguelike tinged with RPG and loaded with action and space exploration through a semi-open world that will take us through different planets and systems.

While the title will be in development for another full year, Rockfish Games has already completed 65% of its content since its launch in Early Access with three more solar systems, two new classes of ships, even faster travel, trade and new activities. . And it is that as they anticipate us, This early access will offer us all the basic gameplay mechanics and functions of the title, as well as more than 25 hours of content.

Thus, the game continues the story of Adam Roslin, who we met in the first part of the saga, adding for the moment three expanding star systems that can be freely explored by users while they experience the exciting journey of Adam, who will live a true personal evolution – from immortal clone and space pilot to a unique character whose death would have global consequences in this open world action RPG.

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