Everything about the 40,000 new oppositions to be a civil servant: take advantage of the opportunity of your life

There are many people who aspire to get a position as a public official to enjoy all the advantages that this entails, both in salary and job stability. However, public employment positions are not always called for and finding the one that may interest us the most is not an easy task.

The Spanish Government has announced 39,574 public employment positions, which represents a 16% more than those announced last year and the highest offer of the last 7 years. Of this total, 27,246 are freely accessible, that is, anyone who can present themselves freely, while the rest up to the total are intended for internal promotion.

What jobs are called for?

Once, the group of the call goes to the General Administration of the State with a total of 29,818 places, of which 19,947 are freely accessible and the rest are aimed at officials who already have a position in the Public Administration and who want to be promoted. In addition to the call for the General State Administration, there are also positions for the Civil Guard (2,875), National Police Corps (2,833), Armed Forces (2,141) and Justice Administration (1,907).

civil servant positions

The high number of posts that are called for the General State Administration are aimed at covering the high number of retirements that have been carried out due to the retirements that occurred in 2022 with almost 19,000 casualties.

Social Security will receive significant help with this new call to expedite the procedures and deadlines necessary to obtain the Minimum Vital Income and to facilitate face-to-face care for citizens. In addition, 600 positions are also included for the Information Systems and Technology Corps, for the National Securities Market Commission, the Prado Museum and the National Markets and Competition Commission.

Publication of calls

Once these almost 40,000 positions have been announced to cover different positions in the General State Administration, Civil Guard, National Police, Armed Forces and Justice Administration, all people who are interested in opting for one of these oppositions can begin to study the corresponding agendas while they wait for the calls to be formalized.

The government has a deadline until December 31 of this year and there is a maximum term of 2 years from its announcement. Depending on which official position we opt for, the tests can be made up of up to 4 tests spread over a maximum period of 9 months.

If you want to know all the details of this new public employment offer, along with the available vacancies and the positions to be filled, you can find out all this information in the BOE publication for today, July 12, which you can access directly through this link to download the PDF or save the link as a bookmark in your browser.

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