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For example, it is useless for us to keep a specific antivirus installed on our computer, but without updating it properly. If the program as such does not receive the latest versions of the most recent malicious codes that have appeared, its functionality is significantly lowered. Hence, when we talk about these programs in particular, it is important to keep the antivirus as such updated at all times, in addition to its internal database.

This is the one that contains all the viruses and malicious code so that the program itself can detect them and act accordingly. Apart from what we are talking about, it is also very important that we configure this security software correctly so that it adapts to our needs. Depending on the type of use we make of the computer, or the websites we visit and the files we download, we can establish a higher or lower level of protection.

Here also come into play called false positives so common in this type of security programs. And it is that regardless of the protection capacity that each antivirus proposes, we must also take into account its behavior in this regard. We are talking about potentially malicious elements that the antivirus detects by itself, but by mistake. Besides, depending on the configuration we usesome security solutions remove suspected malicious content automatically, while others ask the user first.

This antivirus protects you and without false positives

Obviously, on most occasions, and even if we have a program with these characteristics installed, we don’t want it to block web pages or delete files in the wrong way. This can become a major nuisance that leads us to deactivate or uninstall the antivirus as such. The most appropriate behavior for this type of application is to block or eliminate malicious content that really is malicious, while ensuring that its overall protection effectiveness is as high as possible.

This is something that the independent company AV-Comparatives has recently analyzed. Various tests have been carried out on 16 perfectly updated security solutions. In them, we wanted to measure both the global protection level of each antivirus, as well as the false positives detected.

virus protection

Regarding the overall protection ratio that current security solutions offer us, only there have been three that have met 100%. The rest, to a greater or lesser extent, have made mistakes and let malware pass that they should have detected. Here the antivirus from Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Trend Micro have been perfect. These are followed by Avast, AVG, Avira, F-Secure, G Data, Microsoft, Total Defense. It must be said that these have touched perfection, but have not achieved it.

But at the same time, at Kaspersky security solution We must add another point in her favor that places her at the head above the rest. And it is that he has been the only one who has not presented any false positive, contrary to what happened with his two direct competitors mentioned.

antivirus false positives

Hence, when it comes to highlighting one of the solutions analyzed in these AV-Comparatives tests, we make special mention of Kaspersky’s antivirus. Also, it is worth knowing that it has achieved zero false positives both with user interaction and automatic.

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