Fitbit takes stock of the year 2021, and points to general fatigue

With its connected products dedicated to health and activity monitoring, Fitbit presented yesterday its report for the year 2021. Not surprisingly, it is fatigue that predominates.

After Spotify, Google Chrome or even Pornhub, the time has come to take stock for large web companies. This time, it’s Fitbit’s turn to give us its snapshot of 2021. The company, specializing in connected health-related wearables, has compiled and anonymized a large amount of data users around the world. The opportunity to publish its own statistics, and point the finger at certain recurring behaviors.

Not enough sleep

The year has only just started, and you already feel exhausted? According to Fitbit, users of the Google subsidiary would record a sleep score below official recommendations. While the National Sleep Foundation in the United States recommends getting at least seven hours of sleep per night, the average recorded by Fitbit would barely reach 6.30 hours daily. With an average bedtime at 11:18 p.m., and a time to get up at 7:03 a.m., Fitbit points to widespread fatigue among its subscribers. In short, nothing very surprising.

In the ranking of the best sleep, we will still note some good students. In first place, Finland reclaimed its title as the biggest sleeper, closely followed by Ireland and Belgium, which tumbled to third place. Next come the Netherlands and New Zealand, without further details from the company.

35 billion kilometers traveled

On the sport side also, Fitbit reveals a rather positive result. Despite several confinements and morale not always up to date, the brand’s users total nearly 46,000 billion steps in 2021, for a cumulative distance of 22 billion miles, or 35 billion kilometers traveled.

On the list of the most sporting countries, France is very absent. Hong Kong leads the way, followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. Italy does not appear in the rankings either, but it still offers itself the title of country with the lowest resting heart rate. So much information that should motivate the most athletic to keep their good resolutions for the year.

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