For the sales, Cdiscount bleeds the price of the Dyson vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for a Dyson vacuum cleaner but you don’t have 700 euros to put in the latest model of the brand? At the moment, Cdiscount is offering you a crossed out price on the excellent V7 model. At that price, you’re getting a really good deal.

Dyson is a prestigious British household appliance brand. It stands out on fans, air purifiers or cordless vacuum cleaners. All of these products are of high quality, but they are also relatively expensive. Having said that, the value for money is excellent because they last a very long time and they are very effective.

The most recent cordless vacuum models sell for around 700 euros, so you need a big budget. Luckily, you can find a slightly older model (but still very effective) at an ultra advantageous price at Cdiscount. On this first day of sales, the Dyson V7 Motorhead is sold for 274 euros instead of 379 euros with the code 25DES299. As a bonus, you receive a kit to clean the car.

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Since Dyson hardly ever gives discounts, you have to look to resellers to get the brand’s products at reduced prices. These are also very rare to offer discounts: Dyson vacuum cleaners like other references sell very well without. For the sales, Cdiscount gives us a nice gift with a reduced price product.

Combine the benefits on the Dyson V7

On most merchant sites, we find the Dyson V7 at a price of 379 euros. At Cdiscount, there is a double reduction which saves more than 100 euros on this model of cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner. You must first take advantage of a discount that drops the price to 299 euros. Then with the code 25DES399 you can get an extra 25 euros discount. The final price will therefore be 274 euros.

By choosing the Dyson V7 Motorhead, you will receive an excellent vacuum cleaner that is already a few years old. That said, it still offers great power with all the know-how of the English brand. It also provides 30 minutes of autonomy in classic mode. There is a Turbo mode which allows you to press harder on the ground and logically, it siphons the battery faster.

Why the name Motorhead? For each of its vacuum cleaners, the brand adds more or less brushes and accessories in the box. This is what will distinguish a Dyson V7 Absolute from a Motorhead for example. Either way, you will receive the most popular motorized brush (the one pictured above). By opting for the V7 Motorhead version, you are therefore ready to tackle any surface.

In the offer put forward by Cdiscount, the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner also comes with a Car Cleaning Kit. The latter makes it possible to optimize cleaning with three additional accessories which are specifically useful for a vehicle (rigid brush, master brush and flexible extension). In the end, whether for your accommodation or for the car, this offer is perfect.

From a legal standpoint, this offer on the Dyson V7 is not officially on sale. To be considered as sales, they must meet a charter that has been defined by the government. Having said that, it’s a flash sale and the result is the same – the customer saves money. At less than 300 euros for such a product, you are necessarily getting a very good deal.

I take the offer

Cdiscount ignites for the sales

Since Wednesday morning, Cdiscount has been increasing its offers to attract French customers. This concerns all categories of products, from tech to household appliances, DIY or decoration. There are discounts all over the place with discount percentages reaching -70%. You have to hurry because these offers never last very long.

As part of the Dyson V7 Motorhead, don’t expect her to spend the weekend. Indeed, the official site of Dyson does not make any discounts. Cdiscount is therefore the only one to offer a discount on premium brand cordless vacuum cleaners. It is therefore the only place where you are going to be able to reduce the budget of your device. With around 25% off the starting price, this is a great deal.

Often, buying online is scary because we have not been able to test the product. In reality, it is very different. You should know that all e-merchants are obliged to offer a minimum period of 14 days in the form of a right of withdrawal. In the case of this Dyson vacuum too, you can have it in your home, test it out for two weeks, and return it if you don’t like it.

In the end, you therefore have no risk in taking this Dyson vacuum cleaner on the Cdiscount site. It also comes with the classic English manufacturer warranty, it’s exactly the same as if you picked it up in a store or on the Dyson website. The only difference is the price, which is significantly lower. In view of the difference, you had better go for this special offer.

To discover the Dyson V7, it’s here:

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