Free celebrates the start of the school year by offering you the chance to win a smartphone for €2, here’s how

If you are from Paris or are near Paname tomorrow, Free offers you the chance to win a latest-generation smartphone, among other prizes.

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Free is never short of original ideas to get people talking about it. The telecom troublemaker has teamed up with Guide Ultime to offer a very special raffle. The company is indeed offering everyone the opportunity to go tomorrow, Saturday September 2, 2023, to 31 rue d’Avron, to obtain a surprise for a €2 cointhis is the concept of Freeperie.

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Free has indeed partnered with the store “Les sales voleurs” of the capital to organize this original draw. Participants will be able, depending on their luck in the game, to win meals at the restaurant, “luxury clothing selected by Untucked”, or even the latest generation telephones. Obviously, most people will come to win an iPhone 14, since it is the model of smartphone presented in the video ofad posted on Instagram.

Free is teaming up with a thrift store to organize a raffle on Saturday September 2

How many prizes are there to be won? It’s the big unknown, but one thing is certain, you won’t leave not empty-handed if you arrive among the first. To be certain of benefiting from a gift, it is therefore strongly recommended to arrive among the first. With the raffle starting at 10 a.m., there is no doubt that the queue in front of the thrift store in the 20th arrondissement should start to get longer in the early morning.

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Beyond this good-natured event, the news of Free is to say the least tormented. The operator was recently pinned down by the government for its faulty connections. In defense of the company, Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister of Digital Transition, put all ISPs in the same bag by pushing this rant. In addition, the company is working hard on the release of its next box, the Freebox V9, which many Internet users are waiting for.

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