Fusion Teams, the new multidisciplinary teams that succeed in digital business

Companies are forced to adapt to the phenomenon of digitization at a forced march, although they cannot neglect their efficient internal organization to create products and services according to the end customer and that allow optimizing business results. As a result, there arise Fusion Teamsmultidisciplinary work groups where governance, fluid communication and the fastest and most productive solutions prevail.

This concept has been valued by the technology company softtek, who talks about Fusion Teams as teams capable of bringing together various professional profiles, both commercial and technological, to increase efficiency and optimize commercial results. For this to work, it will be essential that the company works based on the principles of Human-Centered Designthat is to say, that the productive processes respond to the problems of the consumers and a high economic performance is achieved.

He Human-Centered Design It is defined as a problem-solving technique that places real profiles of people in the epicenter of the production process, making the services that are created fit your needs, weaknesses and preferences. They are created like this more accessible and intuitive productsof higher value, since customers have experienced them before their acquisition.

Fusion Teams that work following Human-Centered Design principles will follow a series of iterative development cycles based on four stages. We are talking about a first initial stage of understanding the needs and characteristics of the user (investigation)followed by the creation of possible ideas by combining perspectives of different multidisciplinary members (ideation).

Then it will be necessary to follow a phase of implementation and prototyping, where priority will be given to the chosen solutions and the generation of viable products, something that will be measured by the level of feedback with users. Finally, the phase of testingin which test versions will be launched that will later be optimized and redesigned.

Why are Fusion Teams successful?

They are becoming the usual tonic of the business environment 3.0 Because they are more focused on the bottom line than time, effort, and money. All this is possible thanks to the combination of the analytical and business capabilities with the technological skills.

If technological advances are focused, from the beginning, on a commercial vision, both the design and the development of the product will be efficient. However, for the concept of Fusion Teams to succeed, companies must assume different challenges:

  • Governance: The work teams must assimilate their degree of responsibility and their collaborative work, sharing their different levels of technological knowledge.
  • Fluid communication and operational flexibility: The key to Fusion Teams is that there is no pre-established hierarchy, but decision-making is done in a way fast, agile and effective.
  • Policy Trust: Although there is a management team, it must fully trust the ability of its departments and employees to make decisions autonomously. Keep a very flexible corporate mindset It will be the key to measuring business performance and user experience.

Advantages of developing Fusion Teams

Those companies that advocate the implementation of these efficient structures manage to incorporate a rapid digital transformation, increasing your work rate up to 2.5 times faster. Similarly, one establishes greater distribution of knowledge sharingengaging employees who would normally be isolated and allowing them to share information outside of their day-to-day activities.

Another aspect to take into account is that it creates a consistent user experience across all channels, key in a highly competitive market. This special focus on customer needs is essential to reduce waiting times and provide a response in real time.

Companies are beginning to incorporate new technologies into Fusion Teams such as AI-powered bots to help manage customer needs or conversational AI application. Developers focus on advanced programming with low-code chat, establishing a smooth corporate strategy.

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