Galaxy S23: Samsung probably won’t use the Exynos 2300, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for everyone?

Everything suggests that in 2023, all Galaxy S23 will run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, even in France. Indeed the information concerning the hypothetical Exynos 2300 is rare, far too rare if we are to believe the rumors of the corridor.

A Samsung Galaxy S22 on a pile of notebooks / Credit: Unsplash

Leaker Ice Universe popped the question on Twitter: where are the leaks regarding the Exynos 2300? The chipset supposed to succeed the Exynos 2200 in the future Samsung Galaxy S23 (in France at least, as is tradition) is conspicuous by its absence in conversations and other noises in the hallways. Does this mean that Samsung now knows how to keep its industrial secrets very well or does it rather mean that Samsung has abandoned the development of its own SoC?

Some think so, the development of the Exynos 2300 has been abandoned. Even funnier: it may never have started. Its predecessor, the Exynos 2200 encountered too many problems. Overheating due to AMD GPU, disappointing performance compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: there are many reasons to stop charging. There are even rumors that the company’s management wanted to impose the use of the Exynos 2300 in all Galaxy S23s. A diktat that would have gone very badly with the engineers. They would just have refused to use the homemade processorthus hampering any progress.

All Samsung Galaxy S23s will likely run with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor

However, this does not mean that the company is giving up on manufacturing its own high-end SoC. The best-informed people estimate that the company is giving itself two years to develop this famous chip. The hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S25 would therefore be equipped with a homemade chipset, which would be the same for all markets. The good news is that all Samsung fans will be entitled to a brand processor and there will be no more jealousy. The other side of the coin is that the South Korean manufacturer admits that its technological delay is irrecoverable as it is.

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A total abandonment of the Exynos range is unthinkable. During the last quarter, the turnover of the smartphone and semiconductor and SoC manufacturing divisions increased. It is therefore out of the question to abandon this sector, especially since many Chinese smartphone manufacturers are supplied by Samsung.

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