Get your garden ready with these robotic lawnmowers

Now, once you have decided to take the step of buying one of these robots, we will tell you what details you should look for to find the model that best suits what you need.

What should you ask of a robotic lawnmower?

There are not many features that are required of a robotic lawnmower, beyond its efficiency to cut the grass and that we already take for granted, but a whole series of features that you must take into account and that are the following. Write them down:

Work and maintenance area

It is important to buy a robotic lawnmower that be able to cover the entire surface of our garden, so it will not be necessary to acquire a model capable of working in 1,000 m² when we barely have 300 at home. That’s where a choice begins that will be simple, although if in the future you have the option of expanding that work surface, then you should consider investing the money in the face of that possibility. If not, then don’t worry. That you have a work area of ​​just over 200 square meters? Well, then a 260 or 300-square-meter model will work for you. For instance, a robot lawn mower designed for larger lawns might be overkill for a small residential property.

Another detail to take into account is the ease of installation: make sure it is quick to assemble and start up, without too many complications or parts that are going to cost extra money over the years. Same as its maintenance: if we can give him a bath with the hose, all the better to avoid cumbersome processes.

Maximum working inclination

In addition to that extension of the land of our garden, it is important to know the maximum slope of the terrain on which the robot will work. A completely flat area, without abrupt slopes, is not the same as another where the machine is going to have to get too steep, with the risk that its work will be inefficient.

Tilt robotic lawnmower.

That is why you must take into account this detail when you go to buy the robot and, in this way, look for compatible models with steep slopes or not. Obviously, the more off-road the robotic lawnmower is, the more expensive it will be, but it is something that we must handle when purchasing it.

smart functions

One of the advantages of these robots and their wireless connections is that will allow us to control its operation remotely, from the base where we leave it or from the starting point indicated for it to start working. See that we not only have the possibility of marking working hours and days, but also programs for specific cuts of different types and areas of the garden.

Smart functions of robotic lawnmower.

Although the normal thing is that you mark a type of standard cut, there are models that offer us different heights depending on what we want more or less high, and even some tricks like the cuts on the edge for those areas that have overgrown right next to tiled areas, leaving the plot looking neat and showy.

How long does the battery last?

It is evident that the autonomy of the robot matters because it will mark the amount of time that we will invest in mowing the grass of the entire garden. The normal thing is that each model adapts the battery capacity to the maximum extension that can work, so there will be no problems so that all the work can be done in one session within a small or medium enclosure. In the case of larger extensions, it is important to verify that covering everything is not going to become a job that can last one or more days.

Security measures

A lawnmower is a machine that can cause serious damage to someone who does not know how to handle it safely, so it is necessary to look for models that prevent the cutting machinery (the blades) is put into operation while handling them or when lifting and tipping.

Robotic lawnmower safety options.

That is why you should also check that the model you choose has all these resources to stop it easily without having to look for the mobile or button combinations that only complicate things. As in the case of the image, a good stop button, large and visible, can prevent greater evils, not only for us who handle it, but for anyone who may cross its path.

Four alternatives of different rank

With all of the above on the table, we are going to recommend four models of robotic lawnmowers that can come in handy for four ranges of garden: from a small one to another a little larger and later to others already with a good number of meters squares. These are:

Yard Force EasyMow260

EasyMow 260.

It has a maximum work surface of 260 m², a cutting width of 160 mm. and a configurable height between 20 and 55mm. (in three levels). It offers edge trimming function and the grass that collects the shreds thanks to a technology called mulching, which spreads what it removes to transform it into fertilizer. It comes with a pack of spare parts, charging station, blade stop system in case of lifting and tipping over, and a 20V battery that lasts long enough to cover the entire expanse of the garden.


Gardena Sileno.

Model intended for a somewhat larger garden, with an autonomy for a maximum of 300 m² and that incorporates the SensorCut system, which mows without leaving lines evenly in any direction and is capable of working on slopes of up to 35%. It is also resistant to water so we can continue cutting the grass on rainy days and when cleaning it, we can do it with a hose. The smart functions include the possibility of the machine working alone by programming the option to cut as the grass grows. It has technology to work in narrow places without problems.

Landroid M700 Plus

Landroid M700 Plus.

This robot can already work in gardens of up to 700 m² with four cutting positions of between 3 and 6 cm. Offers the Cut to Edge system for areas bordering the garden, which leaves a much more manicured appearance of the lawn. Its navigation system allows it to work in narrow and difficult to access areas and we can program it, as in the case of the others, through the mobile (wifi or bluetooth). In total, it allows us to program up to four different cutting zones, in case we want to make a different one every day. It is waterproof and we can clean it with the hose.

Landroid L1000+

Landroid L1000.

This is the model that is capable of covering more square meters with a maximum of 1,000 with slopes of up to 35% incline. It offers a 20V PowerShare battery, edge cutting system of up to 2.6 cm, four height positions between 3 and 6 cm, separate programming for four different zones, control via mobile via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth , possibility of simple maintenance and cleaning with water with a hose. Finally, it has a sensor that measures the height of the ground to always apply the same program selected in the robot without looking at the unevenness and orography of the terrain.

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