Girls&Gaming is born, the new hub for content creators to promote female talent

Although when we talk about streamers we can’t help but think of personalities like Ibai, Auronplay, TheGreff and other well-known content creators, more and more women are not only joining the streaming trend, but also starting to charge one each increasing importance in it, with projects such as Girls&Gaming, the new hub or home of streamers created exclusively for Spanish content creators.

A project focused on promoting and giving maximum visibility to female talent in content creation. And it is that although gaming has always been considered a male sector, in recent years there has been a growth of 19.3% in the number of players, a percentage higher than the growth of male gamers (7.8%). This is progressively producing a balance between both genders, gamers currently reaching 44% of the total mass of gamers in this country.

Thus, Girls&Gaming was created with the purpose of giving visibility to this trend, with the main objective of give more visibility to the female community of streamersencourage the creation of content by women, and encourage new generations not to abandon their dreams and try their luck in this sector.

And it is that although we see more and more women of all ages join the sector, there is still a lot of work ahead to leave behind certain prejudices and bad habits of the community, being one of the most common targets of hate raids of Twitch.

From the hand of some of the most famous streamers in our countrywith Gemita, Mayichi, Nia, Gonsabella, Paracetamor, Zeling and Lazypopa, who together have a fanbase of more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter and 4.8 million followers on Twitchthis project will make available to streamers a complete house equipped with the best technology where they will not only coexist, but will produce all their content around the world of gaming and other topics.

Among other activities, there will be activations with some of the best-known brands among the public, which will be revealed in the coming weeks; as well as other large-scale events; while the creators will carry out their individual streamings, always maintaining the personal style of each one of them in their broadcasts.

Although we will also see some new group dynamics and interactions with other content creators, with the aim of turn the Girls&Gaming house into a living space.

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