Giveaway! So you can win a brand new iPhone 13 Pro

It was only launched on the market a few weeks ago, but we are already raffling an iPhone 13 Pro. A device that is giving a lot to talk about and that will continue to do so in the coming months. Valued at 1,159 euros, at La Manzana Mordida we give it to you as a gift. How? When? What is there to do? We will tell you everything below.

The requirement to participate

One condition that we demand in order to be the winner of this draw is to be a VIP subscriber of La Manzana Mordida. For almost two years we have had an area dedicated to members who, for only 5 euros a month, decide to support our project in exchange for benefits such as this type of raffle, but also an exclusive podcast a week, courses on various topics taught exclusively for VIP subscribers (Final Cut, LumaFusion, podcasting…) and participation in an exclusive Discord community.

Once you are registered, if you are not already registered, you just have to go to this page and write a comment saying that you want to participate. Of course, you only have to leave a comment, since it is an individual participation and we will not take into account those people who have written more than one comment.

Frequent doubts about the draw

What model is it exactly?

The device in question is an iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage. The color is to choose. And yes, it is a completely new and original device, without having left the box and with all the associated legal guarantees.

Is it an international giveaway?

Yes! You already know that La Manzana Mordida is a medium in Spain, but we have followers from all over the world and that is why it will not matter where you are. The only thing that changes is that if you live in Spain, you will receive an iPhone directly at home in the color of your choice. If you are not in our country, what you will receive will be the money equivalent to its price so that you can be the one who acquires it, thus avoiding problems with customs so that you can have your brand new device as soon as possible.

Until when can you participate?

It’s been several weeks since the giveaway was opened, but you can participate until the 5th of November. Of course, it is important that do not unsubscribe as a VIP subscriber until then, since in that case you would lose your right as a winner.

When and how is the winner announced?

The winner will be announced on the November 7 Premium Podcast. As is usual, Fernando, David and Fabi√°n will perform a regular episode of this podcast and at a certain point everything will stop to randomly announce the winner of the draw. At that same moment, Fernando will announce the instructions to the winner to be able to claim his precious prize.

At La Manzana Mordida we value our VIP subscribers very much, which is why every month there is a raffle of this type. What do we mean by this? Well, I hope you get this draw, but if not, you will have more opportunities to win other equally powerful prizes.

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